SuperWoman Escort Battles Her Nemesis With Her New SideKick

The SuperWoman escort had been busy fucking men day and night in her hometown of Phantom City. She had fucked many deceitful men and used her sexual prowess to get what she wanted from them. In some cases she was able to bring these men to justice for their misdeeds.

She had one more man on her hitlist. The Cock Kingpin. He was an obese man and was notorious for treating the escorts of Phantom city poorly, never tipping and sometimes ripping them off completely. He was also a very influential man and the escorts were scared to stand up to him for fear of losing their escort license, which was a requirement in order to work in Phantom city.

He had been on her list as a target for quite some time, but she had been holding off as she feared he might be too much for her to handle. He was a very large man and had the reputation of having an abnormally large penis. She had heard stories about how his cock had caused physical injury to numerous escorts throughout the city.

Before she brought him to her brothel she decided to bring in some professional help. She sent out the signal for her sidekick to show up. It was the infamous Betty Streetwalker. She was a low dollar escort from the city’s east side. She was used to fucking the large penises of the black men that frequented that side of the city.

SuperWoman and her sidekick Betty agreed to meet up with the Cock Kingpin. Like always, she had her room littered with hidden cameras to record the whole incident. You can check out the video of the SuperWoman escort and her sidekick fucking Cock Kingpin at

They started fucking him and SuperWoman was getting really sore. Betty tagged her off and took over for her. The SuperWoman had to sit back and rest for a while. She fingered Betty while she sucked and fucked the Cock Kingpin. They went through a whole slew of positions. All three of them were covered in sweat and they were cumming multiple times over his big, hard cock.

Betty rode his face and came right down his throat with her sweet, salty juices while the SuperWoman managed to fit his massive cock inside her asshole. He was soaked from his face right down to the calfs of his legs with their pussy and sexual juices. It was all mixing together in one hot mess.

He was finally about to cum and both of them got down on their knees below his massive penis.

He stood over both the hookers and began spraying his jizz all over their faces. They licked up his cum with a look of satisfaction on their faces. They knew their plan had worked and they had him on video paying for sex. They planned to use the footage to force him into paying restitution to all the prostitutes he had ripped off in the past.

The following week they forwarded their demands to the Cock Kingpin. He flat out refused to meet their terms, so they SuperWoman and her sidekick Betty sent the footage to the media.

A week later his reputation was ruined and so was his business. He no longer had the money to hire any escorts in Phantom City. Their plan had worked perfectly. It was a big win for the escorts and hookers in Phantom City. It was safe for them to work again without the fear of being ripped off by non-paying clients.

The Cock Kingpin had ripped off his last hooker.

The Escort and the Garbage Man

I had been having a rough month or so with my escort photography session shoots. A lot of girls were flaking out on my and not showing up for sessions. Women are unreliable enough as it is, but women escorts are even worse. A few showed up and didn’t have any money, but wouldn’t let me fuck them either, so I had to tell them to get lost. I don’t work for free.

Then Friday rolled around and I had one final client that was supposed to show up. Her name was Pam, and apparently she had just started out hooking and needed a good portfolio of pictures and videos she could use in her advertising to attract new clients.

She was an older lady, as far as escorts go. She looked like late 40s, but for all I know she could have been 25 years old. An escort’s life can age them well before their time.

I took her money and told her to take her clothes off as I started setting up my camera equipment.

Suddenly the motel door opened and a short, portly man walked in. He was wearing what looked like the uniform of a garbage man. He stared at me, then slowly moved to a nearby chair and plopped himself down.

“What’s going on here?” I asked. Not knowing what exactly he was doing there.

“That’s Poppa Jerps.” She replied. “He likes to watch. He’s paid up for a couple hours today so I said he could come watch you fuck me during our photoshoot.”

Well that was certainly unexpected. I had to sit here and try to perform with a short little garbage man staring at me from a few feet away. Not really a great way to end an already shitty week.

So Pam starts modeling for me. I must admit her body is pretty nice. A lot better than you would expect after hearing her gravelly voice and seeing her wrinkled face. My cock had no problem getting up and at it. In no time I was fucking her on the bed with all my cameras and lights blazing. I had completely forgotten about our spectator sitting in the corner.

Suddenly I hear a low, moaning sound, and I am quickly brought back to the reality of the situation. Our friend Poppa Jerps has his pants down to the floor and is jacking hard on a semi-soft penis. I try not to look but it’s hard not too. He’s really tugging on his cock and having a heck of a time getting it up.

Pam grabs my head and says “Eyes on me, boy. Don’t pay attention to what Jerps is doing.”

So I follow Pam’s instructions and we eventually end up in the cowgirl position with her riding me on top of the bed.

Suddenly I hear the garbage man’s moans getting louder. I glance over briefly to see him really tugging on his cock, fully hard now. I have a feeling he is getting ready to cum, so I want to keep an eye on what he is doing.

My suspicions were correct as he leapt up out of his chair. Then the son of a bitch rushes towards me looking like he’s ready to burst. I try to roll to the side when I realize Pam has me pinned to the bed and I can’t move.

“What the fuck?” I yelled in a panic.

Jerps waddles towards me and starts jacking his cock right above my face. All of a sudden his hot man spray begans to spew forth and splashes all over my face and into me eyes.

“Nooooooo!” I yelled. Pam still has me pinned down and I am going nowhere. I have to stop screaming because his massive load is now getting in my mouth.

“That’s it, get him Poppa Jerps! Cover that bad man’s face.”

That’s when I realize both of them were in on this together. They schemed to hold me down so this fat SOB could shoot his load all over me.

Finally he stopped and scurried over to retrieve his pants. Pam hopped off of me and I could finally defend myself.

I reached for a table lamp and pulled it right out of the wall socket. Both of them were quick, but I managed to nail the fat garbage man in the back of the head with it before he made it completely out the door. Both of them kept running and never looked back. I bet that left him with a nice goose egg for a week or two.

What an awful way to end a already awful week.

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The Escort and The Furry

My new career as a professional photographer for escorts and prostitutes had introduced me to some wonderful people. Some of them were a bit stranger than others. Case in point…this week’s clients.

Katie came in dressed in jeans. A petite girl, fairly average looking, but she had that cute innocence of a girl next door. I suppose that is part of her charm. I’m sure her clients would eat that up, or at least that’s what I thought. Turns out, she had a completely different set of clientele.

“What do you want today?” I asked. “Maybe some girl next door photos for your portfolio, or some ex-girlfriend style photos?”

“No” she replied tersely. “My boyfriend, Dylan, will be here soon. He’s going to be part of my photoshoot.”

OK, she never told me this beforehand. I normally don’t allow other men in on these photoshoots. If there’s going to be a stunt cock involved, I want it to be mine. But I guess money is money, and I wasn’t about to tell her to leave without getting paid.

There was a quiet knock at the door. She opened it and in walked a meek looking man. He couldn’t have been more than 20 years old. He had a bit of a misshapen head. He kind of looked like that midget from Game of Thrones, if he was about a foot taller and had blonde hair. Quite a unique look.

“OK, what’s on the agenda tonight folks?” I anticipated that I would be filming them fuck. Suddenly the boyfriend pulled something red and furry out of his coat pocket. It was hard to tell what it was at first. As he unfolded it, I began to make out what it was.

“What is that?” I asked.

“This is my costume. My alter ego is called Sir Dylan. I’m a red fox.”

OK, this was getting weird now. Katie pulled out what looked like one of those hats that British men used to wear when hunting foxes on horseback. Sir Dylan stripped down completely exposing a long, slender cock, dangling about 6.2 inches long completely flaccid. He pulled out a red condom and slid it over his cock and began jacking it. I guess he was trying to simulate a fox penis. Once he got himself nice and hard he put on his fox mask and tied a fox tail belt around his waist.

Suddenly he began cooing like some sort of insane person. He jumped down on all fours and started running around the room. He was out of his mind! He was jumping around like a wild animal. Out of nowhere Katie pulled out a little brass horn and began blowing it. It was like I was witnessing a real life fox hunt.

“Aren’t you supposed to be filming this?” Katie asked, as she pulled a riding crop out of her bag of tricks and began slathering it with lube. Something was about to happen. I had a movie camera rolling and was snapping as many photos as I could. It was hard, as it was such a spectacle I had a hard time focusing. I just wanted to sit back and watch.

Suddenly Katie grabbed Sir Dylan by the throat and held him down on the ground. She lifted his red furry tail out of the way exposing his meaty ass. She inserted her riding crop directly in his anus, causing Sir Dylan to scream out in anguish. As painful as it looked, he was still making sounds like a fox, trying to stay in character.

She began pumping the riding crop in his ass like she was plunging a plugged toilet. Sir Dylan was tense and looked like a real hunted animal that was caught in a leg trap.

Suddenly Katie looked up at me and yelled in an aggressive voice “Don’t just stand there, fuck me you cocksucker!”

I hadn’t anticipated that, but I had no problem with obliging her. I was actually as hard as a rock. I couldn’t believe how excited I was watching her sodomize this distressed fox with her riding crop. To see other videos of me fucking my escort clients check out

I got behind her and pulled down her tight pants. I seen her throbbing anus below me and spit a huge loogie on it to get it ready for my manhood. I plunged it in and she screamed with pleasure.

I pounded her ass in rhythm with how she was fucking Sir Dylan in the ass with the riding crop. She could tell I was getting more and more excited and was getting ready to cum in her ass.

“Roar like a lion,” she said.

“What?” I replied.

“Roar like a lion you cocksucker!”

I had never done anything like this before, but somehow I was so in the moment I never thought twice about it.

“RAAAWWWRRRR!!!” I screamed. I did my best lion impression and felt like a wild beast. All three of us were screaming now, with Dylan still cooing like a wounded fox. I managed to get one more roar out before I started to cum. My hot semen sprayed all over Katie and Dylan, covering her ass cheeks and spraying into Dylan’s hair and onto his back.

As soon as I was done cumming I immediately turned the camera off and put my clothes back on. The shame had suddenly kicked in.

“Uhhh, there will be no charge for this photoshoot” I told them. “But…you can’t have this footage.”

There was no way in hell I was giving her this footage of me roaring like a lion while she sodomize her foxy boyfriend. This would have been the end of my career.

From that day on, I always made sure I put a “no furries allowed” in my advertisements.

The Perfect Blowjob

I had been working as an escort photographer for a few months now. It was a pretty simple formula. I’d post an ad in the adult personals sections advertising my services directly to escorts. They’d all see it, since that is where they were posting their ads for their clients. None of them could take a nice looking photo if their life depended on it, so when they seen my professional samples they would all be chomping at the bit to hire me. Of course I would often take other forms of payment in lieu of money, if you know what I mean.

I had gotten into a pretty good rhythm and was basically servicing about 3 or 4 escorts a week.

One day I received a call from an escort named Crystal. She sounded very loud and boisterous on the phone. Almost like a bit of a redneck. I arranged to meet her and was very curious to see what she was going to be like.

I was waiting in my motel room when I heard a loud car exhaust outside. It sounded like the vehicle had no exhaust at all. I heard Crystal’s voice. “Come back in an hour, Momma K! Don’t be late, bitch!”

Bang, bang, bang! She was pounding on my door so loud I thought she was going to damage it. I opened the door and was dumbfounded by what I seen. She was probably 200 pounds, as wide as she was tall. Wearing a dirty yellow shirt and a short skirt that looked like it was 2 sizes too small for her. Her clothes actually looked soiled, like they hadn’t been washed in a while.

“You ready to fuck me on camera and take some photos for me?” she blurted out, as she forced her way past me into the room.

“Uhhh” was all I could muster. I was not liking this situation. I was hoping I could get her to leave. I was not into BBW women at all, and I wouldn’t even call her a BBW, just a BW…BIG WOMAN! To see the type of escorts I normally fuck, check out this video at

But then I thought, maybe I can salvage this. I can probably muffle my way through this photo shoot, not have to fuck her, and still make my full $150 fee. Not too bad for an hour or so of having to look at an obese women with questionable hygiene.

“Just to let you know, I don’t have any money. So you’re going to have to fuck me in exchange for your photos, alright?”

“Oh no!” I thought to myself. This wasn’t going to work out at all. Before I even had a chance to say anything, Crystal was down on her knees and was reaching for my zipper. “You can call me Queen Bee.” she said. ”That’s my stage name.”

I was horrified. Was I even going to be able to get it up? She was a repulsive. A big, hideous woman.

She continued on her mission and had managed to pull my pants down around my ankles. “Get your camera out, bitch!” she snapped at me. I grabbed by Nikon and started snapping photos of her while she stared up at me, my soft penis in her hand like she was holding a wriggling worm.

Then suddenly she opened her mouth and placed my soft cock inside her mouth. It was wet, warm, and soft. Suddenly she began sucking, creating a vacuum-like sound I had never heard occur during a blowjob before. She had her own special technique…and it was working!

I felt the blood rush to my penis. Suddenly the veins in my cock were throbbing. She continued her unique technique and my cock continued to grow until suddenly I was in a state of bliss.

I grabbed her fat face and began fucking her chubby head. This was the best blowjob I had ever had. Whatever she was doing, it was putting me into a state of ecstasy. This obese woman had somehow developed the perfect blowjob technique.

It took no longer than 45 seconds and I had gone from completely flaccid to about to cum. I grabbed her ears and began pumping away. I had already worked up a sweat and I could feel it dripping down my back. I was just about to burst when I suddenly realized I hadn’t taken a single photo yet. I grabbed at my camera, fumbling like I was trying to grab a wet bar of soap off the shower floor.

“I’m cumming!” I screamed as I finally managed to point the Nikon in her direction. The cum exploded from my cock as she pulled her mouth away from my cock. She obviously wanted it all over her face, and I was happy to oblige. It was such an extreme orgasm I could hear my cock making sounds as the cum shot from its throbbing tip. Crystal’s face was covered in my hot semen. There was not a single spot that wasn’t dripping in creamy white goo.

She looked up at me through the blur of the cum stinging her eyes and said “Did you get that shit?”

“Yes.” was all I said. I had managed to take a great series of photos of the cum erupting from my penis all over her face. It was some of my best work.

She got up and wiped her face off on the sleeve of her stained yellow shirt. She handed me a card with her email address on it and said “Well, I guess we’re done here. Make sure you email those to me tonight. I’ve got customers waiting for that shit.”

Almost as quick as she came in, she was gone. She didn’t even close the door as she left. I sat there for a minute contemplating what had just happened. I just experienced what was probably the perfect blowjob. It’s as though a God had come down from the heavens and sucked my cock. And that God was an obese woman named Crystal.

My Life As An Escort Photographer

I was a photographer for 15 years. Weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, basically the most boring shit you could think of, and I was out there taking photos of it. One day it all came to an end.

I came home from doing a family reunion photo shoot at a nursing home, and I was about ready to just flop down on the bed and pass out. What a grueling day. But as I walked in my house I could hear my wife whimpering. I thought she must have been hurt.

I rushed to where the sound was coming from and I couldn’t believe my eyes. My wife was whimpering all right. Whimpering and moaning as 3 black men were doing a train on her. Right in my own bed. My wife didn’t even look up. The room was hot and reeked of sex and sweat. I could see a sheen of cum across my wife’s back and down her chin. She had been at it a while.

I don’t think she knew what happened until she got the divorce papers a week later.

Ever since then I decided to change my life for the better. I was tired of being a lackey for others. Doing my best to try to please everyone. Look where that got me. Now I was going to make time for myself.

The first thing this meant was a change of career. I only knew photography. There wasn’t anything else I could do. The trouble was my subject matter. I needed something more interesting. I didn’t know what I was going to do until I happened to be browsing the Internet one day and came across an ad for a site called backpage. There were listings on there for prostitutes that were selling their services online. I couldn’t believe it. My wife had kept me sheltered from that sort of thing.

I kept browsing and ended up taking my cock out to masturbate. I was getting really turned on, just looking at all these sexy women. The one problem I noticed was that all their pictures looked like dog shit. It seemed like most of them were taking the photos themselves with Obama flip phones or something. That’s when the idea popped in my head.

These women needed a professional to take their photos for them. If I could spruce up their online ads with some professional, sexy photos, their clients would probably double or triple. So I started calling the women up and offering my services to them. What a brilliant way to make a living. Taking nude photos of women that got paid to have sex for a living.

I still remember when the first girl showed up. I was so nervous. I had a raging erection in my pants before she even took her clothes off. I wanted to take my cock out and masturbate right in front of her, but I was a little scared. This was my first time after all.

I got some incredible photos of her. Some of my best work. She was completely nude and spreading her pussy and ass wide open for me. When I handed her my bill she said she didn’t have that much cash on her and asked if there was some other way she could pay me. It took a few seconds for me to realize what was going on, but when I did, I slowly dropped my pants to the floor, exposing my hard penis to her. She didn’t even batt an eye as she dropped to her knees and took my throbbing cock inside her pretty, wet mouth. If you want to watch me fuck one of my models, you can see it on

I was so excited I could start to feel my orgasm building inside. I tried to warn her, but she didn’t seem to care. She just kept sucking harder as I tapped her on her head. It was too late anyway. My cock exploded with a burst of hot cum and she kept sucking and sucking until all the cum was in her tummy. She did it as effortlessly as a doctor taking a patient’s temperature. No emotion. No awkwardness. Just a business transaction.

What was I thinking? This was a professional prostitute after all. She had swallowed her fair share of semen in her day, so this was like second nature to her.

She packed up her belongings and left. A week later I got a message from her thanking me for the photos. She was busier than ever and she said it was all thanks to my ad. I asked her to tell all her escort friends about me, and she did.

The phone calls started almost immediately. Since then I’ve been booking escorts for photo shoots, and providing them with some of the most artistic work I’ve done in years. I feel rejuvenated. And every single time I hand them my bill, I tell them there’s alternate methods of payment available. So far not a single one has opted out of my special discount.

I’ve since fucked almost every escort in this city, and now I’m branching out to other cities across the country. Seeing my wife get a train run on her was initially what I thought was the worst day I had ever experienced. But it turns out in the long run, it saved my life.

This is just the beginning of my story. I’ll be back to tell you about some of my most exhilarating experiences with escort photo shoots.