From Street Whore to High End Escort – Sarah’s Journey – Part 3 of 3

As Sarah made her way back to her apartment, she held on to the rich director’s business card like her life depended on it. It was essentially her golden ticket. She just had kinky sex with a famous director with a foot fetish and had been given the chance of a lifetime. The chance to become a high end escort catering to the rich and famous.

She couldn’t sleep that night. She just sat in bed staring at his business card. Her phone rang off the hook with her regular customers looking to book appointments, wondering where Sarah was. But she couldn’t be bothered with such trivial things right now. Even though she made hundreds of dollars an hour from her regular crowd, there were far more important things at stake now.
Not wanting to seem too needy or desperate, Sarah waited 3 days until she finally called his number. Not surprisingly, he never answered the phone himself. A male with a deep voice answered and said “Hello. Did you receive one of his special cards?”

“Yes.” She replied. “One minute then.” The deep voice said. 30 seconds later her returned and gave her an address. She knew where it was. The rich area on the outskirts of Los Angeles. She had so many questions to ask, but before she could get two words out, the man hung up.

“What did this mean?” she thought to herself. Was she just supposed to show up there? What time? What should she wear? She was so confused, and now even more anxious than she was before. After much thought, she decided she was going to take an Uber there and just see what happens.

She spent hours getting herself ready. Manicure and pedicure. Hair styled. New stockings and sexy underwear. Expensive perfume and clothes. And finally an organic coffee enema to make sure her asshole was primed and ready to service her new found clients. She went the full nine yards to make sure she looked her best. When her driver pulled up to the address, she could see rows upon rows of exotic looking cars. The type of cars she had only seen before on TV and in magazines, with names so long she couldn’t even pronounce them.

She approached the front door and could see the security cameras following her every move. Outside the door stood a security guard. A giant of a man with a massive revolver slung under his left arm. “Do you have a card?” He asked. She handed him the card the famous director had given her. “Right this way” he said as he motioned her inside the house.

The pulsating dance music was almost deafening once she was inside. Her jaw immediately hit the floor as her eyes panned across the spacious room. It was a literal who’s who of the rich and famous. Hollywood actors, newscasters, politicians, world famous athletes, Saudi princes in long flowing robes. She was in utter amazement. And surrounding all these rich and famous people where sexy women in all states of undress. Some of them were on their knees sucking cock. Others were bent over tables getting fucked in the ass. She could have swore she even seen a former president on the floor in a 69 position, eating pussy like there was no tomorrow.

Across the room she seen him, the famous director that had made this all possible for her. He waved for her to come over, as he took another woman’s toes out of his mouth. “I’ve been waiting for you.” He said, as he grabbed her by the pussy.

Sarah was speechless, but she knew she had finally made her dreams come true. All her hard work had finally paid off. As he guided her across the room he whispered, “I told these guys about your footjobs. They are going to love you.”

He brought her into a room with a group of actors she recognized from his latest blockbuster movie. One of them began rubbing his cock through his skin-tight jeans as he shouted with glee “Is this the one you’ve been telling us about?”

“Yes” he replied. He gave Sarah a kiss on the cheek and said “Go to work.”

Sarah knew what to do. She lied down on her back and took off her shoes and stockings. The famous actors formed a line in front of her, all of them dropping their trousers exposing their hard, throbbing cocks. One by one they took turns with her feet. Some of them would fuck her soles for a while, then shove their cocks in her wet pussy to finish themselves off. She was full of celebrity cum and she couldn’t believe what was happening to her. It was so surreal. These were people she had grown up watching in movies and on TV for years. Now her pussy was overflowing with their jizz. You can see group sex videos like this at

She kept them busy for almost an hour with her soft soles and wet pussy. She hadn’t noticed, but as each man left, they were leaving something in a bowl at the entrance to the room. When the last remaining man had expelled his last drop of cum and left the room, the director came back in. “Great job honey.” He said. “I knew you wouldn’t disappoint.”

He grabbed the bowl and handed it to Sarah. It was full of cheques and cash. One of them had even left a prepaid credit card. She was so happy she couldn’t contain herself. She burst into tears of joy. There had to be over one hundred thousand dollars in there!

“So, same time next week?” the director asked. “Oh, I wouldn’t miss it for the world!” Sarah replied. Her dream was complete. She had come from the trailer park, sucked dirty truck stop cock to make her way to Los Angeles, and sucked even more cock until luck finally turned her way. She was now a high end escort to the stars. And she couldn’t be happier.

From Street Whore To High End Escort – Sarah’s Journey

Sarah had a tough life. Her father was in prison when she was born. She grew up on food stamps in the mean streets of Detroit. Her mother had an endless stream of black men visiting her. It took a few years before Sarah figured out what they were there for. She didn’t get to have a normal upbringing. Instead of playing, she was going on runs to the drug store to buy bulk packs of condoms for her mother.

The only thing she had to pass the time was the TV. Her mother always had porn on because of her clients, so that is what Sarah watched. She became star struck with Jenna Jameson. She seen the glamorous lifestyle she lived. Big mansions, fur coats, diamond rings. It was like something out of a fairytale. She decided that is what she wanted in her life. She wasn’t going to lie on her back getting fucked by homeless street thugs in abandoned houses with the copper ripped out of the walls, like her mother did. She knew that when she turned 18, she was going to make her journey to Los Angeles and become a high end escort and porn star, getting fucked for money by celebrities and millionaires. And her journey began the day of her 18th birthday.

She stole some of her mother’s money from that day’s clients and got herself a bus ticket. She was off on her journey and nothing was going to stop her. She didn’t have enough money to buy a ticket that would get her all the way to Los Angeles, so she had to make several stops along the way to earn some more money.

It’s surprising how much money she was able to make in bus stop bathrooms. All she had to do was hang out inside the men’s washroom and wait for a lonely looking guy to walk in. A soft “hello” and a caress of their hand was usually all it took. She would lead them into the closest stall and get down on her knees, unzipping their pants to unleash their throbbing, sweaty cocks. You can see videos of men getting sucked off in public washrooms at

The places were always filthy. She would be kneeling on urine-soaked floors beside unflushed toilets, but she did what she had to do to make her money. In the first week she had already lost count of how many loads she had swallowed. She had mastered her gag reflex and could basically handle any sized member that was placed in her mouth. The taste of unwashed cock was initially hard for her to handle, but it eventually became like second nature to her.

In some of the remote areas she ended up at, the bus terminals were often empty inside. She quickly learned she could go outside and walk around the parking lots, looking for truck drivers. It was actually a nice step up from the washroom stalls, since most of them had nice trucks with a bed in the back for their long haul trips. She just had to avoid the trucks that had the “no lot lizards” stickers on their windows. She didn’t have much money for food, so she would usually hit them up for a hot coffee and some fries after she was done swallowing their loads. She needed something to get the taste of cum out of her mouth. It was tough, but she was so dead set on getting to Los Angeles that she was able to just turn her mind off and go through the motions. It was almost like she was a robot, programmed to suck fat trucker cock.

It took her 3 weeks but she finally made it to Los Angeles. She walked through the streets and it felt like she was in heaven. So many beautiful people were walking around. The weather was sunny and hot. Luxury cars drove by her as she took it all in. She was finally where she wanted to be. Now she just had to execute the second part of her plan: how to get into the high end sex industry.

Messalina and the Massive Hooker Orgy Of The Roman Empire

Messalina was the wife of Roman leader, Claudius. Over the years her reputation grew, much to the chagrin of her husband. She was a notorious nymphomaniac. She was so obsessed with sex that she often prostituted herself, letting men have their way with her. This was not uncommon in these Roman times, but it was certainly unacceptable for the wife of Claudius to partake in such activities.

In her most notorious incident, she took advantage of the fact Claudius was leaving the country to do business in Britain. Her sexual deviancy had come to a boiling point and this was the perfect opportunity for her to satisfy her deepest desires. Her idea was to contact all her acquaintances in the lowly world of prostitution that she had become familiar with to organize a contest. This contest was to see which whore could have sex with the most men and women in a single night. Her husband was only gone for a few days so she had to act quickly to make it happen.

The contest was to begin in the evening and carry on the entire next day. The local prostitutes we eager to participate as they knew they would be well compensated. She was after all, the wife of the Roman Emperor. Even though she had ties to the scum of the slums, she was well connected and the wealthiest woman in the entire city.

The challenge began, taking place in the huge theater normally used for gladiator battles. The whores were littered across the floor and lineups of men and women formed in front of them. It was like a soup line, with each person lining up anxious to partake of the free meal, except in this case, the free meal was the promise of hot and messy sex with the seediest of the city’s prostitutes and gutter whores. There was of course no protection back then. Condoms didn’t exist so each person was going to enter the women bareback.

Hours went by and the lineups only continued to grow. Moans filled the theater and the smell of sex was both nauseating and a stimulant to the sex-crazed participants that filled the place. You can watch group sex videos like that at Some women began dropping out, unable to continue. Their vaginas and assholes stretched and sore from the continuous onslaught of erect penises.

Messalina was in the center of the room and had the longest lineup of men waiting for their turn with her. She demanded at least two lovers at all times, sometimes with three entering her at once, making sure her every hole was filled. One cock in her ass, one in her pussy and the other stuffing her wet mouth. She took countless loads that day and her holes were literally dripping with cum. As the cocks entered her, jizz would come spraying out, not unlike trying to jam more liquid in a container that is already overflowing.

As the hours went by the number of prostitutes started to dwindle. Eventually there was only two women left in the theater. Messalina, and the famous prostitute named Scylla. She was forced into the business at a young age and had fucked her way to the become the top prostitute in the entire kingdom. There was a jealous rivalry between her and Messalina. They both had something to prove.

As the lines of men grew less and less, the look on Scylla’s face gradually switched from ecstasy and pleasure to that of weariness and pain. Messalina could see this and it only made her more excited. She was already getting double penetrated and screamed out “give me another cock in my ass! I can fit another!” Her lust was insatiable.

Scylla felt the hot load of the 25th man spray across her stomach and cried out in pain. “No more!”

She had surrendered, knowing she could never match the sex drive of Messalina.

Messalina gloated in her glory, and continued to fuck until all the men in the lineups had been given satisfaction. She passed 70 men, and people were amazed. She kept going, and more men began to return even though they had been previously satisfied by her earlier in the day.

She mockingly asked Scylla to return after she had rested for a few hours, but Scylla declined. She stood off to the side and watched as her Queen took dozens of cocks inside of her with the most gleeful satisfaction. “This wretch has bowels of steel.” Scylla said in disgust, as she finally left the theater.

It is not known how many men it finally took to satisfy her lust, but it is rumored she took the hot loads of over 200 men before she was finished.

My Vacation on the Sex Cruise Ship Called Putanic

I had been saving for 2 years for a vacation. I had been through a divorce and my bitch of a wife basically wiped me out. I had been living off of Kraft dinner and wieners ever since she took me to the cleaners. My life was basically just a grind of getting up and going to work, coming home, sending her a cheque, then trying to squirrel away enough money for myself that I might be able to afford some nice things again. It was killing me, but I was slowly able to save up a few thousand dollars.

I needed to plan out the perfect trip. I wasn’t going to be able to afford this again for at least another 4 years, so I had to research where I would get the best bang for the buck and have the best time. I could go to a place like Vegas and blow all my money in one night and then wake up with nothing to show for it but a hangover.

That’s when I discovered the Putanic. It was a private cruise ship owned by a brothel owner that I just happened to know from past dealings. He would book a week-long tour through the Caribbean and other exotic locations, and everyone would board his fantastic yacht to enjoy the tour.

Since he was a brothel owner, he decided to take advantage of his contacts in the sex industry and filled his ship’s crew up with prostitutes. Everyone paid their fair share and they got to partake of all the hot women on the boat for the entire week. It was up to you if you wanted to tip the girls, but otherwise everything else was included. All the sex and drinks you wanted. It sounded almost too good to be true. After all, I had to question the sense in naming the boat the “Putanic.” It’s like he was trying to jinx us before we even set sail.

Against my better judgment, I handed over my life savings and boarded the boat with a week’s worth of clothing. As soon as I walked on the ship you could see prostitutes just lying around, ready to greet their new ship mates. There were women of all races on his boat. I have a thing for dark-skinned Africans, so that is of course the first woman I went for. A couple Margaritas later and I had this African beauty in my cabin. I filled every one of her holes and went in bareback. The owner of the cruise line assured us it was safe since he paid for all his women to be tested before we set sail. She was a real sweetheart and looked like she came directly from South Africa. You can see her in this video I posted.

I had a lot of fun with her, but there were so many fine women on the ship that I had to sample some more. Later that night all the guests had come out to the pool area to enjoy the night sky and some dancing and music. It wasn’t long before it turned into a full blown orgy on the deck of the boat. People were laying down towels and escorts were getting railed by 2 to 3 guys at the same time right on the floor. I heard one guy yell “I’m going to make this bitch air tight!” as he shuffled his way into what was already a threesome. He became the fourth person in the group as he shoved his cock in her asshole. I guess all her holes were plugged with cocks so essentially she was now air tight.

I just sat back and watched for a few minutes. It was quite the spectacle. But I couldn’t resist for very long. Seeing all those exotic women moaning and screaming had my cock as hard as a rock. I waited for one of the other guys to finish and moseyed my way into the foursome that was going on. I spit on my cock and shoved it in her ass where the other passenger had just been seconds eariler. I had never had such nasty and dirty, hot sex in my life. I loved it!

That night was perfect. I could have went home the next day and been completely satisfied with my money being well spent. But we had a whole week to partake of these fine whores. It was like I had died and gone to heaven, and God lived on a cruise ship!

By the end of the week my cock was raw from so much fucking. Even without the constant sex, the trip was amazing. We stopped in some exotic locales and some of the whores would leave and new ones would come on board. The Captain did his best to make sure we always had fresh ladies.

All I can say is, if you ever get a chance to ride on the Putanic, don’t even think twice. It will be the best decision you ever made. I can die a happy man now.

Sex In The Year 2177 – Sex Robots Become A Reality

We had just landed on Mars. We had been out mining for 2 years in the Solidium fields on Jupiter. We hadn’t seen a female the whole time we were there. They are too fragile for the work environment on Jupiter and they aren’t allowed to go on mining missions there. I guess you could say we had some pent up frustrations that needed to be released.

The rest of my crew headed straight for the closest bar, hoping to pick up some of the local sex workers that frequent there. I had another idea though. I had been reading about these new sex robots that the Caesar’s Mars Casino had been developing. They were trying to corner the market on the sex industry in their newly built casino / resort on Mars. Anyone could go find a hooker and take their chances at getting Space herpes or something worse, but Caesar’s was targeting the higher end crowd with their new sex robots.

Artificial AI robots had been around for years, but they weren’t allowed to be used in the sex industry. Something about violating the Robot Charter of Rights. It had been tried, but the technology was not there and the government always ended up shutting projects like that down. Caesar’s was the first company to get a license, and the only ones with the new artificial skin technology.

Instead of synthetics and plastics, their scientists had developed a way of growing actual skin and living tissue. They were able to generate real vaginas and penises with blood flow and real cum. I just had to try this out. It’s basically like a real woman, except they are there just to please you and fulfill your every desire.

As soon as I booked myself into a room at the resort, I fired up the entertainment console and started ordering myself a custom-made sex robot. It costs 500 credits and your hooker is made specifically to your own specifications. The tissue is grown in about 30 minutes, so you always end up with your own sex robot that has been untouched by other men.

I sat down and began working on my very own sex robot. I made her black, with abnormally large features. Massive Double G tits. Huge lips, on her face… and between her legs. I wanted a giant fat ass too so she could sit on my face and smother me. By the time I was done customizing her, I had been hit with a penalty of an additional 100 credits to account for all the extra tissue they were going to have to generate to create her body. I guess the process is not cheap and the tissue runs a hefty premium.

40 minutes later I had a knock on my door. In walked my sex robot, wearing leather panties and a tiny bra, barely able to contain her massive mounds of flesh. My penis got rock hard as she called me by my name. She knew everything about me, well, at least everything I entered into the questionnaire when I was designing her. She knew my every fetish and desire.

Her skin was so soft and felt just like any other woman I had been with. Actually, it even felt better, as they are able to genetically modify it to be softer and smoother than a normal human’s skin.

She got on her knees and took my hard cock in her mouth. Her giant black lips felt like soft pillows wrapped around my dick. I was so excited I was about to cum right in her mouth. So I stopped her and threw her on the bed. Normally I would never do this, but she was so lifelike I wanted to taste her, and see what her juices tasted like. Her pussy was dripping wet and tasted amazing. My face was already covered in her cum. You could feel the blood flowing through her skin and feel her pussy pulsate as I made her more and more excited. I could have ate her pussy for hours.

I finally climbed on top of her and shoved my throbbing cock inside her pink, soaking-wet pussy. The best part about fucking a sex robot is you don’t need to use protection. So I went in her bareback to get the full enjoyment out of her.  I only managed 5 pumps before I shot my steaming-hot load deep inside of her. I couldn’t believe this was a robot I was fucking. It was the best sex of my life!

After the session was done, she sat and talked to me for 10 minutes. Then when I was ready to go, she got up and left. I’m not sure what happens to them after they are finished with a customer. She was taken into a back room beside a big steel door. Some say the tissue gets recycled, while some seem to think they send them to an incinerator. After all, they are only good for one use then they have to be disposed of, for health and safety reasons. It’s such a shame. If I was able to take her away from there, I would marry that girl. She was the most amazing fuck of my life.