Thai Hookers Made Sure They Got Their Money


I was on vacation in Thailand and wanted to experience their lifestyle to the fullest. As most single, older men who visit Thailand do, I wanted to partake of their glorious hookers. They are well known around the world for being some of the best prostitutes money can buy. Little did I know, how much of a mean streak they can have if they think you are going to screw them out of their money.

I went to a well known bar in the area that was a notorious hangout for streetwalkers and escorts. Most of the patrons in the bar were white men in their fourties and fifties. It was so strange seeing so many older white men in one place in a foreign country.

I ordered myself a drink and before I even had a chance to have a sip, a sexy Thai hooker sat down beside me and started rubbing my leg. She couldn’t have been any taller than 5 feet, and had the supple soft skin of a lady far younger than her years. They are so healthy and in shape in Thailand. It is amazing. It is completely different than the obese hookers we have to put up with in America.

After a few minutes of small talk, it didn’t take long for her to proposition me for sex. She said she would fuck me right in the washroom of the bar. That seemed a little risky to me, but I figured she knew what she was doing, so I agreed and followed her into a washroom stall.

She quickly whipped my pants down and put me in her mouth, getting my soft, white cock nice and hard and stiff. She removed her tiny blue shorts and bent over in front of me, looking me in the eye as if to say “what are you waiting for?” She didn’t offer me a condom so I assumed she didn’t mind if I went inside her bareback.

I quickly plunged my throbbing cock into her tight, little pussy and began thrusting as fast as I could. It was so exciting fucking in a public washroom that I came inside of her in under 2 minutes.

I had so much fun I had almost forgot that I only had a few bucks on me. She was quick to ask for her pay and I told her I didn’t have anything on me and would have to go to a bank or something. That was not the answer she wanted, and she instantly began screaming something in a language I didn’t understand. Another Thai girl that could pass for her twin sister ran into the washroom with a mean look on her face.

They both grabbed me by the wrists and dragged me outside. At this point I was shitting my pants as I had seen how vicious some of these little girls can be in the local Muay Thai tournaments. It seems like half the population over there are MMA fighters.

Luckily they weren’t dragging me outside to kick my ass, they were just bringing me to an ATM. Thank god. I felt like I was going to have a heart attack for a minute. Anyway, they were both happy once she got her money, and told me to come back soon. I think I might take them up on their offer, but next time I am going to make sure I bring plenty of cash.


Prostitute becomes millionaire by doing Glory Holes in public toilets

Glory Hole Whore

This is the story of Sarah. She’s a local prostitute that managed to get rich by sucking dick in public washrooms. She used to be a streetwalker, although she was a little more high end than the average streetwalker. She wouldn’t fuck her clients, she only sucked cock. But her services were still high in demand, since she had developed the perfect blowjob technique. She became so famous for her blowjobs that she had guys lining up around the block to stick their cocks in her wet mouth.

She decided to take advantage of the incredible demand by setting up a gloryhole booth in a local public washroom that was located in the city park. This allowed her to service multiple men at a time, effectively letting her double her income, while at the same time giving more privacy to the men who wanted their dicks sucked. Most men did not want to be seen attempting to pick up prostitutes, so the gloryhole setup allowed them to get off without the risk of getting caught by the authorities or seen in the shady parts of town where the prostitutes normally frequent.

The men would line up in the washroom and once they got to the front of line, they’d whip their pants down and shove their cocks through the makeshift glory holes she had cut in the walls of the washroom stall. She sucked cocks all day and didn’t even have to leave to take washroom breaks, since she was already in a washroom.

Her fame quickly spread and she became the number 1 cocksucker in her city. Men would come from all walks of life to experience her sensual mouth, filling her up with their hot cum. She wasn’t afraid to swallow their loads either. She sucked the cocks bareback. Taking in gallons of jizz in a day’s work was not unusual for her. At her peak, she didn’t even need to stop to eat since she was consuming so much cum each day.

The money flowed like water into her washroom stall. She was making thousands a day now and it appeared she had maxed out her cock sucking revenue potential. But Sarah was a smart hooker and soon hired other sluts to come work additional glory holes with her. She taught them her perfect blowjob technique and trained them how to suck a hot load out of a man in the least amount of time possible in order to maximize profits. She took a cut of all their earnings and her own brand of gloryholes were popping up all around the city in park washrooms, arenas and even in fast food restaurant washroom stalls. She had become filthy rich from sucking dick.

Once she made a million dollars, she retired from the cock sucking business, but still kept her glory holes open with all her employees sucking thousands of cocks a day for her. She became known as Sarah, the glory hole queen. It is rumoured she still sucks the occasional cock for money, but only for the most special of clients. She gets paid thousands of dollars to suck the dicks of many celebrities and prominent politicians. Only the most rich and famous get to experience the perfect blowjob technique from the queen herself.

Whores of the Roman Empire

The Romans were notorious for their sexual exploits. Many people liken their downfall to what you see happening in our modern day world. Warmongers that weren’t afraid to experiment with their sexuality. Gay bath houses were the norm and whores were herded around like cattle. When the Roman soldiers would return from a battle they would be rewarded with their pick of whores owned by the slavemasters.
They often consisted of the women taken from their fallen enemies and put into servitude. They’d pick only the healthiest of the women and would leave the rest to be slaughtered. They’d keep them chained in the catacombs below the city until it was time to service the men, who were often still bloody from battle.
Once the soldiers arrived they would bring the whores upstairs and make them bathe and coral them all into the orgy room. The rooms were bare stone floors with makeshift beds organized throughout the room like beds in a prison camp. There was no privacy for anyone wishing to participate in the orgies. The highest ranking officials always got first pick of the lot.
They’d grab the plumpest woman they could find with the thickest hips and thighs, as this was a sign of a healthy women at the time. Usually only the wealthy could afford the food necessary to become plump and buxom.
The soldiers wouldn’t treat the whores with respect. They treated them like a sexual tool. They just needed wet holes to plunge their throbbing manhood into. At this point they were still filled with bloodlust from the field of war and as such, they often grew violent with the women. The smart whores knew they had to do their best to please the men or face their furious anger and wrath.
The orgy room would soon fill with the screams of women as they were anally penetrated by the bloodthirsty soldiers. As one soldier would fill the anus or pussy of a whore with his hot cum, another soldier would soon appear to take his place. The soldiers had no worries about diseases or pregnancies. These were whores and if they got pregnant they would deal with it in the catacombs below the city.
It wasn’t an unusual site to see the soldiers double team the whores. Especially the plumper ones with the ample thighs and breasts. One would take her pussy from behind while the other would fill her mouth with his sweaty cock, both pounding away until the cum was spilling onto the floor from her mouth and genitals. Sometimes the men would take turns fucking each other as well. They had no morale hang-ups like we do in modern times. They just knew they wanted to cum and any hole they could fit a cock in was fair game.
When the men had their fill of the whores they would send them back down below the city to be cleaned up. They needed them ready for the next group of soldiers who would be coming back from battle. Such was the life of the enslaved whores of the Roman Empire.

Bareback blowjob by a stripper in the club


My buddies and I heard about this new strip club in town where the strippers were running an escort business out of the building. Apparently guys were getting full service right in the VIP rooms. That’s not completely unheard of, but it is pretty rare for our area, and supposedly they had some pretty hot girls in there.

We arrived and weren’t disappointed with the selection of women. These strippers all had rock hard bodies and you could tell they actually practiced their dance moves. They weren’t the usual lazy college girls trying to make a quick buck for school. These were professional escorts and they knew what they were doing.

My two friends each got grabbed by a couple of the girls and went off to do their own thing. I hadn’t even had time to order a drink before I got approached by a sexy blonde stripper with a beautiful smile. She asked me if I wanted a dance and I told her I’d rather head to the VIP. She winked at me as if to say she knew what I wanted and grabbed my hand to lead me to one of the back rooms.

She was already topless, but as soon as I sat down in the VIP she removed her thong and wrapped it over my head. I wanted to sniff it, but I didn’t want to look like too much of a pervert. She started dancing for me, rubbing her warm pussy and ass on my chest and all over my crotch.

I inquired if there was anything else on the menu besides lap dances and she asked what I had in mind. I decided to be upfront and told her I wanted to get a blowjob. As soon as I said that she turned around and got on her knees and began to unzip my pants. I already had a semi-hard on from her lap dance, so she pulled my cock out and began to stroke it. I was hard in a matter of seconds. She took me inside her warm mouth and began to suck my cock.

I was so excited about getting a bareback blowjob in a public place that I couldn’t control myself. I tried to hold my orgasm back, but failed badly and started to shoot out my hot jizz with a moan of both pleasure and embarrassment. I normally take longer than 60 seconds to cum, but this stripper’s mouth felt so good I couldn’t stop it from happening. My cum splashed all over her face and most of it ended up in her eyes. I felt bad because it was a massive load and I practically blinded this poor stripper. She seemed to enjoy herself though and even let me take a picture of her with my money in her mouth and my hot cum all over her face.

This place soon became our favourite hang-out. Both my buddies got serviced by strippers that night too, and we did for many nights to come. Unfortunately the placed ended up being raided a few months later and never opened back up again. At least we got to experience it while it was there.

Brunette MILF hooker sucks cock for cash


So I was sitting at home on the weekend and I needed to bust a nut in the worst way. I don’t deal with prostitutes too often since I am a bit frugal, but I really needed to blow my load, so I picked up the newspaper and took a quick glance at the adult personals section. I know I’m probably the last guy left that uses the newspaper instead of looking online, but whatever. Old habits die hard. As I glanced at the paper, the heading “Brunette MILF with long legs” popped out instantly at me.

I called the number and was greeted by a sultry sounding older lady. She sounded kind of like Kathleen Turner when she was still hot. I asked her rates and they were just low enough that I didn’t mind reaching into the old cookie jar for an hour or so of fun with a sexy milf. She arrived within 20 minutes and her looks didn’t disappoint. She was definitely a gorgeous brunette milf, as advertised. Her hair was long and dark brown and she had legs for days.  The type of legs you want to suck on for three days. I showed her the money on the table and she quickly latched onto it. Then she smiled and began taking off her clothes.

I led her to the bedroom and crawled in bed with her. She might have been a milf, but her body was still firm and tight like that of a 20 year old. I caressed her luscious breasts and sucked on her hard nipples as I ran my fingers through her beautiful dark hair. She reached for my zipper and I knew things were about to get good.

She pulled my cock out and I was already good and hard. Just the sight of her beautiful milf body got my blood flowing. I could tell this sexy brunette milf had a thing for sucking cock, as she quickly put my manhood inside her mouth and began sucking like she was trying to physically pull the cum right out of me. Not having to use a condom for a blowjob is always nice. The funny part was she never let go of that wad of cash the whole time she was sucking me. I guess maybe she thought I was going to try to take it back from her when she wasn’t looking.

She was able to take all of my cock inside her throat. It seemed like she had no gag reflex at all. I could tell I was about to cum so I grabbed her sexy dark hair and began to fuck her face. She pulled away as I started to cum, but only so she could take my hot load all over her face. I left this beautiful milf with a messy facial and she started to wipe it off her face and lick it off her fingers. She wanted to eat all my hot cum and wasn’t going to leave a drop behind.

After she had finished cleaning my jizz off her face and off my cock, she sat up and gave me a big kiss. I wasn’t expecting it, and I didn’t really want to get a mouthful of my own cum residue, but I let her kiss me as she seemed to be really passionate about it. This was definitely one hot-looking milf prostitute. I added her number to my phone because I am going to be going back for seconds in the near future.