GloryHole Setup At The Men’s Shelter

While you can’t walk more than 100 feet without running into a gloryhole in Glory City, there are still a few places that didn’t have anonymous cock sucking facilities available to their clients. One of them was the men’s shelter. They just didn’t have the funds available to afford the costs associated with setting up a professional-looking glory hole. You need proper lighting, a floor that can be easily disinfected. A sanitary wall that won’t absorb any cum spillage, etc. The people living at the shelter knew this, and thought they would try to overcome this another way, without the help of massive amounts of funds and start up capital. The men at the shelter started doing fundraisers so they could get their own glory hole setup. They were busking out in the streets, playing musical instruments and singing. All the change that got thrown into their collection boxes all went toward the glory hole fund. Some of the men were out washing car windows as they stopped at the street lights, looking for donations. They weren’t very effective at cleaning since they didn’t have any expensive window cleaners or chemicals, but they made do with their old rags and bottles of water from the shelter’s public sink.

After a few weeks they had scrounged together all they could. Things weren’t looking that great. They only had a couple hundred dollars. So they made do with what they had. They were able to buy a few sheets of plywood, some screws and some paint, along with a mop and bucket to clean up the place after each visit. The rest of the money went to hire their first glory hole cock sucker. After a few days of work they had built their very own glory hole. It wasn’t the nicest looking one. Actually it was quite depressing looking. The plywood was a bit of a splinter hazard. You had to be very careful shoving your cock through that hole.

 The good part was the hole was big enough that you could actually fuck a girl through the hole. You can see the very first customer shoving his big, black cock through the hole and into the cock sucker’s vagina. This gave them a competitive advantage over some of the other glory holes in town, since most didn’t allow full service sex through their holes. Believe it or not, in about a year, the men’s shelter had become one of the most visited and profitable glory holes in town. If you go there today, they have still not upgraded the nasty plywood walls, and the floors are always drenched in cum, but there is a lineup so long there is usually a 45 minute wait to get in. Just goes to show you don’t need the best of everything if you offer good service and a unique product.

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Black Women Goes On All Cum Diet

Glory City has been the origin of many strange things. Who would have thought a city would exist that had a glory hole right in the Mayor’s office? Well here is another story out of Glory City that goes even a step further. A lady who worked as a Dietitian had recently found out she had been diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes. This was especially devastating to her, since advising people on their diet was her entire profession and lifelong dream. How embarrassing that she now suffered from the same disease that most of her clients also suffered from. She decided she was going to do something about it. After much research and experimentation, she had determined that male semen was actually the perfect fuel, and might be able to reverse her type two diabetes. There was only one way to test her hypothesis. She needed to go on an “all cum” diet. Glory City was the perfect place for her to test her theory out, since there was literally a glory hole every 100 feet or so. It was the city’s main business and responsible for 65% of jobs in town. So it wasn’t hard for her to get real scientific data. She setup her lab at a popular glory hole in town. She had a steady stream of men coming in looking to shove their cocks in a pretty lady’s mouth. All she had to do was get on her knees and start sucking the loads out of people. And suck cock she did!

She soon discovered she needed to suck about 30 cocks a day in order to get enough calories to sustain her current body weight. In Glory City, this was not a problem. She could probably suck 100 cocks a day if she was feeling extra hungry. It didn’t hurt that she was an attractive black female. She soon had men lined up outside her lab waiting to shove their throbbing cocks down her throat on a daily basis. She took many loads to her face, which disappointed her. She needed to swallow the cum, not have it sprayed all over her face. She needed it for nourishment. After 3 months of going on an all cum diet, she tested her blood to see what effect it had on her A1C. Much to her surprise, she now had a normal A1C below 5.5. The “all cum” diet had cured her disease. News soon spread of her discovery and many others suffering from the crippling ailment began following her cum diet regimen. Now if you check the statistics, Glory City has the lowest rate of Type 2 Diabetes in all of North America. What a miracle. God bless the glory holes.

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Creampie Sally

Sally was a new face in Glory City. She was young, but covered in tattoos. She looked old beyond her years. It was safe to assume she had lived a hard life. She was a real up and comer in the city, exploding on to the gloryhole scene. She made a reputation for herself by having unprotected hardcore sex with her glory hole customers. That was normally a no-no for glory hole workers. They were to suck men’s cocks and make them cum, but traditional sex was typically frowned upon. That explains why Sally became so popular. Everyone wanted to cum in Sally’s pussy. And cum they did. The strangest part was Sally did not let customers use condoms, even if they wanted to. She insisted that she leave them with a messy creampie. Her vagina wet and dripping.

Many people started to wonder about Sally. Why was she so obsessed with creampies? She wouldn’t let a drop of cum go to waste. She wanted every ounce of cum to be shot deep inside her pussy. One day this mystery would be uncovered. One of her customers brought a spy camera into the glory hole and hid it in the corner. I think he just wanted to capture footage of her having sex with men, and use it for his own masturbatory pleasure later, but what he ended up recording was far more interesting.

He came back the next day for a glory hole session with Sally, and picked up his recording device. It was right where he had left it. When he got home and plugged it into his computer, he could not believe what he had seen. He watched Sally service many men that day. All of them came inside of her pussy. That part was normal. It’s what she did afterwards that shocked him. After she got her pussy shot full of cum, and the client left, Sally would bring out a large glass mason jar and set it in the middle of the room. She squatted over it and forced all the cum out of her pussy into the mason jar. By the end of the day she had gallons of cum stored in glass mason jars, all being placed in a mini fridge in the back room.

After her working day was over, a tall man showed up, handed her money, and collected the jars of cum. One his shirt it said “Glory City Creamery”. He worked at the local dairy plant. They produced milk and other dairy products there. It turns out this whole time Sally had been selling cum to the Glory City Creamery to use as a special ingredient in their dairy products. Any time you ate Glory City Creamery cheese or drank a glass of their milk, you were ingesting the cum that Sally collected on a daily basis in her vagina. This whole scam was blown wide open by the media. Apparently they thought the cum had a special power to make people addicted to their products. The weird part is, after the trial and the story blew over, Sally went right back to getting creampied in her glory hole booth. I think to this day, the Glory City Creamery still includes glory hole cum as one of their main ingredients.

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Voyeur Makes Vagrant Girl Suck Cock at Glory Hole

Glory City is named because of all the glory holes located throughout the place. I’m not sure how the place ended up like that. It almost seems like something out of a movie. It started with one glory hole, right at city hall, and it continued to blow up until “glory hole cock sucker” became the number one profession in the whole town. 65% of women in Glory City work at a glory hole. Their entire tourism industry is based off of their wives and daughters sucking stranger’s cocks behind false walls. Ya, I know it seems strange, but I am not about to complain. Where else can you go and get your nuts off in a matter of minutes by your pick of amazingly hot women? Even the Mayor’s wife works at a glory hole. It’s an honourable profession in that town.

I met a homeless girl in Glory City who had never sucked a cock before. This was like finding a needle in a haystack in a place like Glory City. Almost as rare as a bigfoot sighting or a unicorn. I asked her why she had never worked at the glory holes and she said she was nervous and scared. Wanting to help this girl, I told her I would take her to my favourite glory hole in town, and help her learn the ropes. After all, there is no reason for a beautiful girl like her to be unemployed in Glory City, when all she needs to do is get on her knees and open her mouth. Pretty soon I had her kneeling on the cum-soaked floor, sucking on a stranger’s hard penis. It didn’t take long before.

This turned me on to no end, so I took my cock out and started jacking off while I watched her. I gave her words of encouragement. She got more and more confident and I could see her getting aroused. This really turned me on. Just about the time she made her client cum, I also had a screaming orgasm. I came all over her as I watched the other man do the same to her. When we were both finished, she looked up at me with her cum-covered face and smiled, as the jizz dripped off her and onto the already soaked floor. She thanked me for helping her gain her confidence. Her confidence to suck cock for a living. I heard through the grape vine that this girl was now the personal glory hole assistant to the mayor of Glory City. I’m proud I was able to help her start her career as a professional cock sucker. The wonders never cease in Glory City.

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A Long Haul Trucker Visits Glory City

So it was time for another load to be delivered. I’m a long haul trucker and deliver pork products all over the United States. I drive a Kenworth with a refrigerated unit on the back. I basically live in my truck. Things can get lonely. Such is the life of a long-haul trucker. There’s not much you can do when you start to get lonely and feel the need for some female companionship. You basically have your choice of the lot lizards at the truck stops, or if you have a night off you can hire yourself an escort to come to your truck. The trouble is neither option is great. The lot lizards are not clean in my experience. I’d rather stick my cock in a hot apple pie than some of these whores I’ve seen at the truck stops. And hiring an escort is not a cheap proposition. Some of them cost as much as my whole week’s pay. Lucky for me, I found a city not far off of my route, where I can go where the women are nice and clean, and don’t charge me a week’s pay. It’s called Glory City. Strange name, until you get to town and see what the place is like. There is literally a glory hole on almost every street corner. I can park my truck at a gas station and walk 50 feet and walk right in to the nicest glory hole setup I have ever seen. Fast, easy and inexpensive. That’s exactly what I need on a trucker’s schedule and budget. The women in these places are beautiful too. Just look at this sexy brunette I met on my last stop in Glory City.

I stuck my cock through the hole in the wall and she started sucking me. Her mouth was nice and wet. It creeped me out at first because I could hear a guy talking to her behind the wall, but I could see through the hole that it was her sucking my cock. I came real hard all over her. Then she started sucking off the guy that was back there with her. She took two loads to the face and was ready for more. I looked through the hole in the wall and seen a whole lot of cum splashed all over the floor. She must suck a dozen or more cocks a day in that booth. There were guys lined up outside 10 deep waiting to shove their manhood down her throat. That’s how they roll in Glory City. Now whenever I’m out on a run, I just turn my GPS tracker off, turn off the CB, and take a 10 minute detour right through Glory City.  There’s always a fresh face waiting there with a big smile, waiting to take my cock in her mouth. Now I don’t feel so lonely on those cold, dark nights delivering pork products in my Kenworth. God bless Glory City.

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