Nostradamus2 fucks girls to have visions DCLXVII

Today I hired a black chick. She had such strange hair. It was like her hair was made of black ropes. But her tattooed body was very hot, and her wet mouth felt great sucking on my hard cock. Eventually I get her down on her hands and knees and I fuck her doggystyle until I'm ready to blow. Then I shove my cock in her pretty mouth and jack off until I shoot my hot cum down her throat. What a great time.

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  • DCLXVI is 666, what coded message do you want to tell us?

  • I am getting a vision! I am seeing the creation of sentient AI sex robots that will completely take over the sex industry. You will enter your email address and the AI will instantly know all your fetishes and will know exactly how to please you. A great revolt will happen and sex workers will rise up to fight the AI! This will end in possible nuclear destruction as the AI launches missiles to defend itself. Nostradamus has spoken! Carpe Diem!

    • Man you are a looney tune! What’s with the weird letters in your video titles? Half the stuff you are saying sounds like gibberish.

      • Actually most of what he said is ripped from the Terminator movies. He’s a hack and will be lucky if he can predict when his next bowel movement happens.

  • That is really some amazing hair, but I can’t help but think that would be a maintenance nightmare. Hair that long is hard enough to wash by itself, let alone if it is tight up like ropes. What would happen if some guy blows a load in it? That shit would be hard to clean out of there. Even if she just cut those dreads a little bit shorter. Plus it looks a little ridiculous.

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