VisitorXXX sex with the most beautiful girls in the world 4

I've been travelling across the galaxy after a space mission gone wrong. I was sucked up by a pussy-shaped black hole that spit me out in a different galaxy. Since I'm the last of my kind, I've been out breeding all the new females I have met on my space travels. Here I am with what is known as a VIP escort in the country of the United States of America.

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  • I knew aliens were real! Thanks for finally vindicating me!

  • So I was out exploring space trying to find a new home for my people when I see a giant, dark void open up before me. It was so strange, it looked like a giant vagina. I tried to steer my ship away from it, but I was sucked in, just like how most men are sucked in by the lure of a woman’s pussy. I went unconscious and when I awoke my spacecraft was sitting in a galaxy never documented by my people.

  • This woman is super hot and you can tell she really takes care of herself. All you need to do is look at the condition of their skin up close and you can see if they are healthy and in good shape. You can tell she works out and eats healthy and it shows in how attractive her body is. This guy is super lucky he is getting to pick from the cream of the crop on our planet. I got really hot watching him fuck this girl.

    • Wow, that is crazy. What have you been doing now that you’ve found our galaxy?

      • Well I’ve been doing what I was trained to do. If my mission failed and I couldn’t find a new home for my people, I was to find a similar species and begin impregnating them to try to continue our lineage. So far it has been working great, as you can see from the videos I am posting here. I am so lucky I ended up in a galaxy with similar humanoids. I could have easily ended up in the Quasar nebula where everyone is stinky, gelatinous blobs.

        • That’s amazing that you’re the saviour for your species. If you want, I would be glad to give you unlimited creampies and free sex. If something happens I get impregnated by you, well there are probably worse things than being the mother of the first alien / human hybrid. ;)

          • Send me your contact info. I would be happy to spill my seed inside of you.

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