VisitorXXX sex with the most beautiful girls in the world 2

I am really loving how soft these new women are. Just look at how curvy this female is. Nice, big boobs and and big, round ass. She was wearing some strange ceremonial jewelery on her neck. I'm not sure if she is considered a Queen or something on her planet. I know on our planet only our Queen wore such fancy neckwear. She might be a Queen because it cost me a lot of their currence to hire her for only an hour. She must be very wealthy.

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  • Oh wow, Mr VisitorXXX, the planet of pleasure snakes sounds like it would be right up my alley. Also, if you ever want to have some fun with the males of our species, I am willing to take one for our planet. We cum in peace.

  • After I left my planet on my quest to save my species, the first planet I came across that could support life was Neptos 5, in the Wangula system. I landed hoping we were going to find humanoid-like inhabitants. But all we found were a sentient species of large eel or snake like creatures. While they weren’t hostile, they did have a strange desire to enter any holes on beings they meet. I guess that is their way of greeting people. To make a long story short, my anus was entered by these snake-like creatures in some bizarre ritual. At first I was horrified, but eventually it realized it was feeling really good. I think they were stimulating my prostate gland. What an experience.

    • That sounds insane man. A planet of horny snakes? I would have got the hell out of there!

      • Well that’s the thing, I had the same instincts as you at first, but it got to the point where I didn’t want to leave. I ended up naming them the “pleasure snakes.” Because they could make me instantly hard just by entering my asshole. They knew all the g-spots. If I had the choice I would travel back there today.

        • That’s what I’ve been telling people. A woman that knows how to stimulate your prostate is worth 10 women who don’t. I can cum with a woman’s tongue in my ass without even touching my cock.

  • She is definitely a voluptious woman. She has the curves in all the right places. I am jealous sometimes of women like this with bigger tits and asses. It’s a struggle to keep the right amount of cushion without getting too fat. I bet she never even has to work at it. Just wakes up every day being completely sexy and the perfect size. I admit that makes me made sometimes that I have to go to the gym and eat right to look like that. I just admit that necklace is a bit ridiculous though. She looks like Mr T. from the A Team.

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