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I must say I am really enjoying the hospitality that I am receiving on this new planet. I was so distraught when I lost contact with all the women on my home planet, I thought I would never get to enjoy a woman's touch again. But now I am in this new land having the hottest women on the planet throw themselves at me.

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  • Hey do you know any of these dudes flying UFOs around Roswell? Now that we know you guys are real, I wonder if the government will start to admit the truth.

    • That wouldn’t have been my species, since I’m the only one left, and this is the first we have been in your galaxy. But yes, I am sure your government has covered up lots of previous visitors.

  • I have been so honoured with the warm welcome your species has given me. That was a lot better than one planet I stopped on. Every female there was on their period 365 days a year. They were not pleasant to be around! In fact I was lucky to leave with my life! You can never satisfy a woman when it’s that time of month, no matter how nice you are. So just imagine what it’s like when they are like that year round.

    • So you’re like an alien? Are you the weirdos that always come down here and stick things in our butts? Why are all you aliens gay? You mastered the power of space travel, but all you want to do is look in people’s butts? No wonder your species went extinct!

      • No I think you might be mistaking my people for another kind of space traveller. The pleasure snakes have also perfected space travel, so perhaps it is them that are penetrating your anuses. I would never do such a thing, and I am so happy your women have been allowing me to enter their pussies. Your people are so kind.

        • Well gee, I’m not used to people responding to me with kindness. I think you are the first person that has even done that. I feel bad now for being so mean to people. I guess all I wanted was someone to treat me with respect. But no one ever does, so I lash out first so I don’t get hurt. :(

          • It’s OK buddy. Everyone just wants to be loved.

  • Such a pretty face. She looks like the sweet girl next door. A lot of guys love that look, rather than the slutty look that some escorts go for. I this case, less is definitely more. Her bubbly personality and sweet giggles go a long way to make her even more attractive. Sometimes you have to look at the whole package, not just how their pussy and tits look. She can definitely get away with charging a premium amount for her services.

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