Unknown City Elite Girl 5

Here is a high end escort I hired in my city. I couldn't believe how hot she was. And not only that, she was a dirty girl. She had no problem letting me face fuck her and enjoyed licking my balls. After than I made her get on all fours so I could penetrate her from behind. When I finally got to cum it felt so damn good.

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  • Moneyneversleeps lying again. My company has high tech tracking capabilities. We track vip escorts to help our customers get the best service. Any escort bought buy moneyneversleeps usually retires right after because of the lackluster experience he gives and the STIs he has. He even sometimes tries to pay in monopoly money. It’s kinda sad

  • Damn that was hot when she was licking his ass. What a good girl.

  • At about 13 minutes in she starts to give him a rusty trombone. That is one sex position I would never do with my clients. It’s just too gross. Sorry.

    • The Lord created the Rusty Trombone as a gift for all of us to enjoy. Please be more open-minded. It’s just natural fun.

  • Now finally you found an elite VIP escort. I believe I have even hired this one myself before. I actually tought her how to let people face fuck her like that. You can thank me for breaking her in.

  • This is the kinda chick I need in my life, grab the back of her hear and went to town! Bravo sir!

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