The good times of brothels in Europe after the first world war

Here's a video montage showing what brothels were like after the first world war. Lots of hairy bushes and thick women. Everyone was having a great time after the war was over and the best way to celebrate was with some hot, hairy pussy at the local speakeasy. It was a better time and I wish we could go back to the simpler times.

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  • I love me some hairy pussy. I don’t know who came up with the idea that women had to be shaved bald. Bring back the good old days.

  • It’s nice to see these vintage photos, considering I am in the same industry. It is funny to see that the job has not changed that much over the years. We just have less bush now, and we charge more.

  • If you closely watch this video you will see numerous people that are obvious time travellers. They are wearing clothes that were not around back in those time periods. It is very easy to spot. Also check out the 4 minute mark to see one of the people wearing a virtual reality helmet. This is proof that time travel is real and that people are actively using time machines to influence the world today. Scary stuff.

    • You sound like you could use some therapy. You realize what you are saying is impossible, right? There is no such thing as time travel. I am worried for your mental health. Please contact me if you want to get help.

  • I love the price sheet at the beginning lol!

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