The Cryptobillionaire meets with other crypto investors to talk about investments and other things

We all decided to have a crypto meetup to discuss our investment strategies for the rest of the year. Of course no meetup would be complete without a complimentary gangbang. All of the cryptobillionaire's students got to enjoy some hot sex with this beautiful woman. She serviced us all, and it was all entirely paid for by the cryptobillionaire himself. What a great guy. Hope to see you guys next year too!

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  • A lot of my fellow escorts won’t do groups, because sometimes they can get out of hand. You need security and stuff like that. Added expenses that you don’t want. But I’m glad to see these guys were respectful to her. She did a great job keeping them all pleased, which is the key to a happy session. I bet those men will remember this night for the rest of their lives.

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