Stripper Rubs Up With Bald Men Wearing Tacky Caps

Here's some footage secretly recorded in a strip bar of a sexy stripper rubbing up against a creepy bald customer. She was really thick and had a massive brown booty. You could see him really grinding his crotch into her pussy as she rode him from on top. Then another guy takes a turn. You can see the stripper enjoying herself and having some drinks while she was grinding her wet pussy into their pelvises.

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  • I would have asked her to take all her clothes off at least.

  • She should have at least sucked his cock. I would feel ripped off.

    • Ya with the amount he probably spent on lap dances he probably could have brought a hooker home for an hour.

      • Ya strip bars are a rip off. I wish I would have known that when I was younger. I wasted so much money at the bars when I could have been hiring escorts and getting laid.

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