South Central Hot Girls 48

Another day and the ladies are out working the streets again. I love to see the new women come out. There always seems to be new ones every week. They seem to like trying to outdo each other on how skimpy their outfits can be. I guess that is the way they get noticed by the cars driving by. I'm sure a few of them have caused a few accidents from people rubbernecking looking at their bodies.

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  • The sexy babe with the white ear muffs on looks so damn cute. I am not sure why she is wearing those ear muffs in what looks like hot weather. Maybe they are fancy headphones, or maybe it is colder out there than it looks. Funny considering how little they are all wearing, basically in their underwear. I bet that guy in the Jeep had a good time after he picked her up.

    • Maybe the ear muffs help her keep the cum out of her ears. I used to have a friend that would get bad ear infections so she had to make sure I never got any jizz in her ears when I was giving her a facial.

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