South Central Hot Girls 43

Lots of hot women out today. But for some reason the one that got me the hardest was the girl next door-looking one in the pink top and grey sweatpants. Sometimes less is more, and she definitely proved that to me today. I just wanted to rip those jogging pants down and see what she was hiding underneath them for me.

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  • They are lucky it’s so warm there. They would freeze trying to wear skimpy outfits like that here. LOL!

  • While the woman at 9:20 looks really good with her big ass hanging out, the sexy girl next door steals the show at 9:45. She looks so innocent, yet so sexy at the same time in the pink top and sweat pants.

    • Yes! This proves you don’t need to look like a slut to turn guys on. A nice top and some joggers is all it takes if you have the right looks and attitude.

      • Exactly. Most of these women are overdoing it to the point they look like circus clowns. The natural girl in joggers is a 10 out of 10 IMO.

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