South Central Hot Girls 37

Maybe I'm just getting older and less picky, but I swear these street walkers get sexier all the time. Just look at the bodies on some of these half-naked women that are working the corners in South Central. Most of them wear nothing but tiny string thongs that barely cover their ass crack. One lady even had electrical tape to cover her nipples. I wish I could afford to hire one or two of these ladies every day.

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  • I had to take a second look at the woman at the beginning of the video. I thought she was standing there completely naked at first. Then I seen the tiny string thong she had on. Very hot and I am sure she will get a lot of attention from the people driving by. She does look naked after all.

    • She does look completely nude and I am pretty sure she would violate that specific law in Los Angeles that forbids such activities.

      • Well to be fair, she is also a streetwalker, so the cops would probably be more worried about that, than how much clothes she has on.

    • Sometimes it is better to leave something to the imagination. That outfit is taking it a little too far.

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