South Central Hot Girls 32

Here's some more footage I shot while cruising the streets of South Central Los Angeles. I brought one of these babes back to a shady motel room so she could show me her black pussy. As you can see, the amount of hot pussy out there just walking the streets is almost endless. I could have paid to have sex with any of these fine ladies.

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  • Man that black chick looks amazing. I would love to eat that pussy. How did you hire her and look at that without sticking your dick in it? Or did you tuck her off camera?

  • These poor women must be so disappointed when you waste their time, only to empty your pockets and pull out a handul of quarters. “How much can I get for $3?” “I can show you my pussy for 60 seconds.” LOL! Pathetic!

    • Why are you so hateful? Oh I know why! Because you have a tiny cock! Haha! I would be angry all the time too! It’s the one thing you can’t fix no matter how much you work out.

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