South Central Hot Girls 29

Some of the women in South Central LA wear some pretty skimpy outfits. Some almost look like they are wearing lingerie instead of actual clothes meant for the outdoors. I guess the weather is so hot this time of year that they like to stay cool by not wearing a lot of clothes. That makes it better for guys like me. You can get a nice look at the goods before you spend any money on hiring them for an hour.

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  • It’s got to be embarrassing to be the guy filming these women. He walks around all day and looks at them like a creep, but can’t afford to actually fuck them. Occasionally he saves up some pop cans and cashes them in so he has enough money to give them to stare at their pussy for 5 minutes. Pathetic. Get a job!

  • Nice to see some of my Mexican sisters representin’ in this video! Way to go sistas! Arriba!

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