South Central Hot Girls 26

I showed you a lot of the black women I pick up on the streets of South Central, but here is a gorgeous lily-white girl I found looking all lonely and beautiful on a street corner. I invited her into my car and paid her to let me look at her sexy body. She was so cute, I wanted to fuck her right there in the middle of the street.

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  • I find it hard to believe this is being shot in South Central. When I go there all I see are haggard streetwalkers that haven’t showered in a week.

  • I need to take a trip to South Central one of these days.

  • At least he doesn’t need to worry about having his car robbed in such a shady neighbourhood. No one would want hit shitbox. If my care were to drive through that neighbourhood I would have a crowd staring at me wondering what rich celebrity was inside the car.

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