South Central Hot Girls 21

I love the sexy tattooed body of this babe I picked up in my car. Can you believe I just seen her walking alone on the streets of South Central? I paid her some money and she took her panties off for me and let me enjoy her tattooed ass and pussy. She got me really hot just by looking at her shake her ass for me, and flash her perky little nipples.

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  • It sounds like this guy is negotiating with $20 tips as he goes. This is shameful. Pay the girl in full up front and pay her well. Where I live, $20 does not even buy you a decent cup of coffee.

    • That’s the beauty of the sex industry. It is available to people of all walks of life. People like you try to make it a past time of only the rich. That is not right. There will always be low cost women who will gladly take $20 requests.

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