South Africa sex trip. Day 13

Many people warn about the dangers of sex tourism in South Africa for a white man like me, but for me it just adds to the excitement. I have a thing for exotic black women so I end up taking a vacation there every year just to partake in their natural African beauty. This dark-skinned babe started off by giving me a nice massage and by the time I was done I had shot a hot, creamy load right on her big, wet tongue.

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  • Good lighting and camera placemment. This woman adores your cock. Her all encompassing mission during these 22 minutes is to make it erupt inside of her. At the end, you would have done better not to push her to open her mouth. Too much pushing makes her resist. Be gentle and understand that not all women who like you want to taste your sperm.

  • You musn’t be tipping these women enough money. The way she disobeyed your orders to open her mouth at the end was very insulting. I pay my women really well so I have never experienced something like this.

    • Haha it must be nice being so rich you can demand respect just by paying people enough.

    • LOL you would probably bust a load instantly just being in the same room as this hot woman. No real rich person talks like you do.

    • I think she just may have a strong gag reflex and was trying not to ruin the experience for him by getting sick at the very end. You never know until you walk a mile in another man’s, or escort’s, shoes.

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