Silicon Valley VIP Girl 31

Another gorgeous brunette I got to enjoy in my time off from my busy schedule in Silicon Valley. Look at the pleasure on her face when I started sliding my monster white cock inside of her wet pussy. I think she was enjoying the bareback session more than I was. I had to blur out my face because I can't let my employer find these videos. It would be a real scandal.

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  • God damn that white bitch at 03:57 is sexy af. Sucked dick like a champ too. Why the fuck is he banging the other ugly chicks when he can just stick to this beauty?

  • butts on

    Moneyneversleeps and priestXXX are the same user. He has two accounts.

  • Pretty soon all these women in the Silicon Valley are going to be replaced by the sex dolls my new company is producing. The patented nano motors inside the synthetic pussy have been proven to be superior to the real thing 9 times out of 10.

    • I bet the people that tested those fake pussies have never touched a real woman in their lives.

    • There is no man-made creation that can match the beauty of what our Lord made. This is a sin and I hope you stop before your soul is eternally damned.

    • There is no way a fake pussy will feel as good as the real thing! Never! I wonder if these people who compared them were all your pathetic yes men that were too afraid to tell you your product sucks.

      • Wrong again. Of course we hired independent third parties to do the testing, and the tests proof beyond a shadow of a doubr that our synthetic pussies are superior when it comes to love making.

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