Silicon Valley VIP Girl 30

I felt like mixing things up on my break this week so I hired myself a beautiful black babe to take away the stress from my high tech Silicon Valley job. I loved watching my white cock enter her caramel-skinned body. Her skin was a perfect dark brown and was silky smooth, just like the inside of her slippery wet pussy.

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  • Moneyneversleeps is a scammer and a fake. Those sexbots are being made by my company. He just steals ideas and lies about making them up. He’s not even rich.

  • We are going to offer our new sex dolls with black skin as well. It is harder to get the pigmentation right, but with our high tech partners in the area, anything is possible.

    • While I am glad you are treating all races as equals, the fact that you are combining them with sex robots defeats the kindness in your initial gesture. This is not natural and you will regret this for eternity if you don’t cancel this project.

    • Hey since you can make black girls, can you make me a Cherokee girl? I’d love to have one so I can go kayaking with her to Puerto Maldonado. They are water proof, right?

    • You’l never be able to simulate a real woman perfectly. For one thing we can offer friendship. That is something a fake robotic pussy will never be able to do.

      • You obviously don’t know much about artificial intelligence if you think my R&D team cant’t simulate friendship. That is old news.

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