SexyPutitaLupita special discount for bald men 2

I know I'm not the most attractive guy in the world. But I'm still out here fucking hot women like this whenever I want. I don't let my looks or my baldness affect my confidence. If I can do it, then anyone can. You just need to have the right attitude. I loved watching this chubby girl suck on my cock. And her pussy felt great when I slid it inside of her. She seemed to enjoy it just as much as I did.

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  • You people are sick. He is NOT AN ALIEN!!!! Grow up!

  • That little bald man looks like the alien from Roswell! I seen him in a classified documentary once!

    • He kind of looks like one of those aliens that consumes a human then covers themselves with their skin to conceal their identity.

    • For once I have to agree with you. The stupid freak looks like an alien and also has 6 fingers on each hand. Definitely not from this world.

      • Please, this is blasphemy. There is no such thing as aliens. If they really existed that would mean the Bible is a total sham.

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