Sexy Girls in GloryCity 1980 (Beta System Video)

Here's some retro footage I have showing the working girls in Glory City. They all stand out on the street with barely any close on, and guys just drive up and offer them money for sex acts. It's pretty wild. It's kind of funny seeing these women in thongs walking down the street advertising their bodies for sale. I wonder what some of these ladies are doing today. This was filmed a long time ago.

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  • VHS was cheaper and you could find any porn movie. I spent hours in the sex shop looking at the covers. Sometimes I would masturbate and cum there. Among so many perverts this was normal. How I miss the old days.

  • Betamax was always so much better. I don’t know why VHS ended up winning over it. The picture quality was way better on Beta.

    • That may be true, but on Beta most tapes could only hold about an hour of video. You could get 4 hours on a VHS.

      • That’s true, but that’s not why VHS won. There was a ton of porn that was available on VHS. So everyone wanted VHS players to get the porn. Porn sells, simple as that.

        • That’s stupid though. Even police organizations used Beta back then for it’s superior video quality. It’s dumb that an inferior format won just because you could buy more porn movies on it.

  • I have seen several ooparts in that video, girls playing with the mobile phone and a girl was riding an electric scooter. They are sexy time traveling girls.

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