San Diego Hot Girls 15

When I was on vacation in San Diego I decided to try out some of the local women. I only hired the hottest women available. Although they were pricey, it was worth it. I just wish this blonde beauty never made me wrap my cock. I would have preferred to go in bareback.

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  • If you’re so rich why don’t you just buy them a year’s supply of socks instead of hating on them?

    • Don’t be absurd. It’s not my job to provide clothing to these women. That’s why I am paying them hundreds if not thousands of dollars an hour for. I am not a clothing store. Next idiot please.

  • I found this girl attractive at first, but when she lies down on her back and lifts her legs up in the air, it shows how dirty her socks are. Sorry, but that is unacceptable to me. I expect my women to be immaculate. I certainly pay them enough so they can afford a clean pair of socks.

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