Reptile2 sex with American girls without a condom in the basement of their lair 1

I had a friend over and he said he felt like busting a nut too, so I let him take care of one of my female friends I had hired. He ended up cumming inside of her, so I took the opportunity to suck that hot load out of her pussy. I love the taste of cum. But I'M NOT GAY! I just love to lick a freshly satisfied woman clean. She came on my face again right after he blew his load inside of her.

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  • Eating that black guy’s cum reminds me of the time I accidentally drank a gallon of gator cum. I breed gators on the side for the local gator farms and that means having to collect their semen so I can artificially inseminate some of the females. One day it was really hot and I was drinking some cold milk and I had set it down right beside the latest batch of gator cum I had milked that day. Wouldn’t you know it, I accidentally picked the container up thinking it was the milk. Honestly it’s not that bad. Just a little salty.

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