Red Light District 19

Here' s some footage I shot down in the real Red Light District. Here you have your pic of sexy women as you walk by brothels that have them exposed to the public on the street. This girl was really cute and I couldn't wait to pay her some money so I could have sex with her. She sucked my black cock and let me fuck her from behind. I love Amsterdam! Best party city in the world!

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  • While I take pride in being a prostitute, I would never allow myself to be put on parade like a piece of meat for men to walk by and gawk at me. That is for paying customers only. I can’t believe these women allow themselves to be treated this way.

    • Really? You’re a hooker, but you object to women being treated as a piece of meat? Don’t get me wrong, I love escorts. But seems pretty hypocritical of you.

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