Puerto Maldonado Hot Girl 6

This is an older video I recorded when I was on vacation at Puerto Maldonado back in the year 2000. I hired this hot latina escort and brought her to my shady little hotel room and stuck my penis inside of her. I had to wear a condom, but she was so wet and tight that it still felt amazing. She climbed on top of me and rode me really hard.

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  • This chicka is very attractive, but I am disappointed to see my Mexican sister make him wear a rubber. Some girls are like, no glove, no love. But if a man is paying for sex he shouldn’t have to ruin it with a condom. Let the gringo c√≥meme el pussy!!!

    • It’s really none of your business if she wants to make her clients wear a rubber. That’s between her and him. Ya, of course it is better for the man without it, but you have no right to judge her. Mind your own business.

      • Excuse me chicka? How about you mind your own business before I tell my friends about you. We don’t need no white chick bossing us around. We run these streets, ese.

        • Do you think your cartel threats bother me? I’m in New York, you skank. Touch me and you’ll start a war you can’t win.

          • Ladies, ladies. Let’s all relax and be friends here. No need to fight. How about I hire both of you to come spend the night with me and we can all have some makeup sex?

  • This shows just how boring normal sex is. Sure, it feels good for a little while, but then you cum and it is over. Imagine being able to extend your orgasm to last a full 4 hours. It would be like the ultimate sensation. 4 hours of cumming. This is going to change lives.

    • Mate, your stories here get crazier every week. Where are the sex robots you kept talking about? Now you’ve dropped that and are on to some nonsense about super Viagra. I think maybe you need to increase your meds, bro.

      • Make fun all you want. You won’t be laughing when you take one of my pills and end up cumming for 4 hours straight. You might be crying tears of joy.

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