Puerto Maldonado Hot Girl 4

This latina babe was a real wild one. She started dancing for me and climbed up on top of my bed. She was putting on a real sexy twerking show for me to get me nice and hard. I bent her over and pulled her tiny panties off and slid my penis inside of her from behind. Her ass and pussy looked amazing when she was on her hands and knees for me.

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  • He seemed to really enjoy fucking her from behind, but he came really quickly and then it was all over. If I locate the ancient PuzzleOrgasTRix, I will be able to harness its power to make a person like this cum for 4 hours straight. Imagine how much more this man would have enjoyed this encounter.

    • A 4 hour orgasm? Wouldn’t that be dangerous? Do you just keep cumming the whole time? Wouldn’t you get dehydrated from losing so much cum? It sounds amazing but I have so many questions.

      • These are questions I have too. Once I located the artifact I will be able to provide you with more answers. Right now I am on the side of a mountain with my Sherpas and a winter storm is about to set in. I need to log off for now.

        • OK keep me posted. If you need someone to test your pills on, let me know. I wouldn’t mind being the guinea pig if it means I get to fuck some hot women during the test.

          • Would you consider testing it out with another man? If you swing both ways let me know baby. ;)

  • 10 out of 10 for her excitement an enthusiasm. She is really doing her best to keep the gringo interested and excited. Via la Mexico!

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