Puerto Maldonado Hot Girl 3

This was shot at Puerto Maldonado. These little VIP clubs are great if you like latina women. You can go in and basically have your pick of any of the hot women working there that night. They give you full service sex and they enjoy it too. It's a great time and I recommended it for anyone visiting that area.

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  • No one else is gonna comment on the looping audio clip of some Asian sounding girl getting some tail with the weird and random build up that has nothing to do with his motion. I’m confused more about this than what you guys are fighting about. 🤣🤣🤣

  • Woohoo! These fine ladies look like a lot of fun! Would they let me take my cigarette boat on that there river? I would like to test the waters there.

    • No, please read my other replies. They only allow larger boats on the water with the use of a special permit. To get the special permit you have to be either a great influence on the local government, or a great donater. I am both. They don’t want some redneck cowboy ruining their waterways with his obnoxiously noisy cigarette boat. Stick to Spring Break in Florida with that nonsense please.

      • Wow, you, sir, are a real jerk! Come talk to me like that in Texas and I’ll show you some southern hospitality. Namely, you’ll be meeting the end of my double barrel, mister!

  • OMG man, you are lying through your teeth! No yachts are allowed in that river! Only small fishing boats by the locals. Stop lying!

    • You think you are so smart, but you have no clue. Look up special permit #62. This is an exclusive permit only handed out in the most rare of cases. I just happen to be a big contributer to the local economy and they give me special treatment. Please stop talking about stuff you know nothing about. It makes you look uneducated.

  • I’ve had scouts send me pictures of the girls from this place. I travel to Puerto Maldonado quite often in my yacht. They have a fine selection of girls and the weather there is beautiful this time of year.

    • I dont mean to be rude, but don’t you think driving some big ass yacht in there is going to mess up their waterways? Please try to be more considerate instead of just thinking with your wallet.

      • He is completely full of shit! They don’t allow yachts on the Amazon river. He just got outed as a liar!

        • WRONG! The government there has given me a special permit to allow me to use the waterways. When you are rich like me…people do you favours. Sorry you’re not so privileged. Next hater please.

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