Puerto Maldonado Hot Girl 2

I decided to get down and dirty with this mixed race latina babe. She started out sucking my cock, and by the time I was done with her, I had shoved my cock right in her ass with no protection. Yes, she does bareback anal! A rare find I am unhappy to admit. But when you find it, it's a real treat!

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  • Why hide the girl’s face? That’s half the fun of these videos.

  • I often travel to the city of Puerto Maldonado in a kayak or canoe that I rent from the locals. I am native too like them, so I am treated like one of their own. One time an alligator attacked my canoe. It was a ferocious fight, but I managed to kill the gator. However I lost a testicle in the ordeal.

    • You should look into suing whoever rented you that canoe. I’ve seen a lot of lawsuits in the past from people that got injured. I used to be a cop so I dealt with stuff like that all the time. Losing a testicle could have set you up for life.

    • Listen friend, I don’t normally do this, but next time you are on the river, please give me a call. I will arrange for your boat to be towed to a great place where you will make many amazing memories. It’s another yacht called the Putanic. It regularly docks in the area and is usually bound for Glory city. You will have the time of your life. That river is no place for a canoe. You will be eaten alive by the gators.

      • Hey I have heard of the both the Putanic and Glory City! Take this man up on his offer! Those places are the stuff of legends! If he doesn’t go can you take me instead?

    • Haha! So you’re saying you’ve only got one ball? What do your native buddies call you? Chief One Ball? How about Chief LopSided Penis? Mate, you know they can give you artificial testicles, right?

  • The women there are beautiful, but I never spend time in their sleazy hotel rooms. Just look at that place. I always bring the women back to my private yacht.

    • I bet you look like a fool there with your private yacht. The locals are probably laughing at you and grifting you because they know you have more money than brains.

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