Puerto Maldonado Hot Girl 1

This babe's pussy was so creamy before I even got started that I was wondering if she already had another man's load inside of her. I couldn't tell if it was another man's jizz or just her being so excited that her pussy was getting all wet and creamy. Whatever it was, it felt great when I shoved my cock deep inside of her wet hole.

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  • Hey, getting a little bit of another man’s load in there might now be so bad. My ancestors often used cum as a medical reagent to help build immunity. Don’t knock it til you try it!

    • Please save your Indian fairytales. I am a man of business and of science. If I want to build my immunity my doctor will give me a supplement. I won’t be sampling another man’s jizz. Good day sir.

  • Oh damn, another man’s cum you say? Where do I sign up? I’d lick her clean for you. Can you hire me to be your professional pussy cum cleaner?

    • No that is gross. Please. I don’t want another man to lick my escort’s cum-covered pussy before I fuck them. I want my women to be clean and professional. That is what I pay them for. Go be depraved somewhere else.

  • I think this girl had another man’s load in her. That’s why when I travel to Puerto Maldonado I always bring the ladies back to my private yacht. I make them shower and clean themselves up in my luxurious shower before I ever touch them.

    • That’s pretty smart my man. I know a few things about the law, being I used to be in law enforcement. Basically if you stay on that boat, they can’t touch you, since their local laws don’t apply. Very smart thinking. You can basically do whatever freaky shit you want on that yacht of yours.

      • Exactly my friend. I may not know all the local laws, but my team of lawyers do. That’s why I pay them so much money. Despite what others may say on here, I am not a stupid person. And what I don’t know, I pay others to know for me.

    • Hell, they still had another man’s cock in them just hours before you. I don’t care how luxurious your yacht’s shower is. Nothing gets cum out 100% but time. Enjoy those cream pies, Mr Rich Man.

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