Puerto Madero Sweet Girl 2

I decided to mix things up on this day and hired a streetwalker to fuck me in my car. She took her pants off and hopped right on my cock. Her pussy felt amazing as she rode me. I could feel her wetness dripping down my cock and onto my legs. SHe had an amazing body and was really clean and friendly for a streetwalker. I don't think she had been in the business very long.

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  • What a strange day. I agree with you again moneyneversleeps. There are innocent eyes that should not be forced to look upon our nakedness. That stuff should happen behind closed doors, (or behind tinted glass.)

    • I would never fuck a customer in public. That is something only streetwalkers do. If they don’t have their own place then I have a place I can bring them to that is clean and safe.

  • This is a very trashy thing to do. There are people walking by that could see you. Now I agree, having sex in a car can be fun. But I only do it in my private limo, which has such dark tinted, bullet proof windows, that no one can see inside. But the escorts don’t know that, and it sometimes turns them on thinking they are being watched.

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