Puerto Madero Sweet Girl 1

Here's another video I shot in my car. I just mount my cell phone on my dash and hop in the back seat and record my interactions with the local streetwalkers. This one was really beautiful and didn't have a problem stripping down completely naked, even though she could have easily been seen by passers by.

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  • The fines for doing this in public can be very high. you can even end up on a government list. I would not recommend this to any escorts out there watching.

  • Sometimes I have to laugh at how the lower class lives. I can’t imagine setting foot in this car, let alone having it as my daily driver, or even worse, having sex in it. LOL. Get a better job man!

    • That is not a very kind thing to say. The desire for expensive items is a quick way on the path to evil. **** never had an expensive car or home.

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