Premature ejaculator man lowcost trip around the world in 80 days 9

I have a severe problem with premature ejaculation. That is why when I hire an escort or prostitute I only book them for 15 minutes. I get their cheapest rate and I know I will never last longer than 10 minutes anyway. I've been traveling around the world and enjoying different escorts in all the countries of the world. I hope to do othis for 80 days straight, and will show how cheaply I can enjoy a life of extreme sexual pleasure.

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  • Sometimes I cum in less than 2 minutes. Anyone out there with tips on how to last longer?

    • I find that if you think about things that are not sex-related, right as you are about to cum, it can hold off your orgasm for a while. I usually think about baseball or crypto currency or my grandma.

    • Always jack off an hour before you know you are going to have sex. Always makes you last longer.

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