Premature ejaculator man lowcost trip around the world in 80 days 5

The only good thing about suffering from premature ejaculation is that I can hire escorts for 15 minutes and I know I will be done before then with about 10 minutes to spare. it's much cheaper than paying by the hour. I can't help it that they make me cum so quick. It's because their wet pussies feel so good on my cock. I only lasted a little over a minute with this beauty. I've been travelling around the world having cheap sex with escorts like this for a while now and plan to continue going until I hit 80 days of fucking.

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  • Oh no, assdestroyer doesn’t want to hire me! What ever will I do? Trust me asshole, I have more than enough customers lined up that your threats don’t matter to me.

    • Haha! He doesn’t realize we have an endless lineup of guys who will pay hundreds of dollars just to drink our bath water.

  • I like these videos because premature ejaculators are my favorite clients. The trick is to charge an hour minimum rate. Then when these guys cum in 2 minutes, you can move on to the next customer. Most of them leave as soon as they cum once.

    • That’s kind of like a scam to be honest. Pretty shady. You should at least offer a half hour rate.

      • My body, my rules. I charge what I am worth. Piss off loud mouth. Also, a lot of guys who have tough guy tattoos are actually premature ejaculators. I bet you have tattoos.

        • hahahahaha Yes, I also noticed, also many have small penises.

          • No, I don’t have tattoos. And you two scamming whores will never get a penny from me. Enjoy ripping people off.

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