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I love getting massages but since I suffer from premature ejaculation, getting rubbed down for so long can make me cum even quicker than normal. The whole time I am lying there and she is rubbing down my body, my cock is throbbing and I start to rub it against the bed I am lying on. I can actually make myself cum just by doing that. So I have to be careful. If I get a massage I don't want to cum before they even end up touching my cock.

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  • This guy just needs to start masturbating more, and learning to control his orgasms. I did the same thing when I was working on my load size. You need to get yourself almost to the brink of cumming, then stop. Then when you finally do blow your load it is much more satisfying and your load is twice the size.

  • Dude I have the same problem. I can cum just looking at a nice pussy. Don’t feel too bad bro.

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