Phu Quoc Asian Strippers 3

These Asian babes know how to put on a show. Not only do they go completely topless and bottomless, they also have a high budget light show. Some of them are really amazing singers too. Their talent knows no bounds. The best part is when they strip down and show us their hairy asian beavers.

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  • Some of these Asian women are not really up to my standards. One of them is quite chunky. The bars I hang out at don’t allow the chubby ones on stage. They are a bit higher class than this.

    • What may seem like a lower class woman to you can be a 10 out of 10 to others. Please stop being such a pompous ass.

    • Dude I take the chubby ones and like it, just because that is all I can get. I wish we had high end girls at our strip club.

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