Phu Quoc Asian Strippers 1

The acrobatics of these Asian strippers were amazing. This first one was doing the splits with her hairy pussy exposed. I just wish she was doing that with her pussy buried in my face. They truly go beyond to put on a great show. They sing, they dance, they get naked. They do it all. These best part is after the show is over you get to pick one to have sex with...if you have enough money.

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  • While her attempt is admirable, I think I would have just wrote her a check and told her to skip the singing part and get directly to the stripping.

    • How ignorant. I bet a lot of people enjoy her singing, and she probably works very hard at practicing it. Rich people like you are so selfish and ignorant.

    • LOL I can’t imagine having that much money lying around. That would be amazing.

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