Paki_NinjaCum emulates his idol Mr. Loadmaster 8

As a man from India I am always impressed by the giant loads my hero Mr Loadmaster is able to create from his penis. While my loads are not quite as big as his yet, I am working on it. My brown cock gets nice and hard for these white women and I like to show how much I can cum for my hero, the Loadmaster. If you watch this kind sir, please know I am your biggest fan.

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  • Video is scripted. That is, planned ahea of time. One camera on side of bed moves at least twice during recording. There is also a cam on the guy’s body, could be a cell phone or a go pro strapped to his head or an eyewear cam. She is aware that she is making a movie. Pretty standard porn

  • Keep up the great work buddy. One day you’ll shoot loads as big as me. Well, almost as big as me.

  • I like this woman and her tight poosay hole, but she have extremely small bobs. I like to have a bigger bob to suck on.

    • Honey, I think the word you are looking for is boobs. Not bobs. Bob is a man’s name.

      • Ahh yes, thank you Bambi. Boobs. I like boobs. Also Mr Cowboy, how many languages do you speak and write? I speak 3 .

        • No problem baby. I would like to sample that big, brown cock of yours sometime. Also, you said poosay. It is spelled pussy. Pay no mind to the cowboy. He is just bitter and lonely.

          • Yes I know his type. Guns hanging in bathroom and Trump picture on his wall. Silly man. :)

      • It’s sad the Internet was invented. People like this pakininja can come on our American sites and spread their gibberish around. Before they’d be stuck with their own paki porn sites. I don’t like to read broken english when I am whacking off.

  • This babe is extremely hot. She kind of has a goth thing going on, or like she belongs in the Addams Family. I love her tattoos. Not overdone, but they still stand out. Definitely a big turn on for most men. Her long, raven black hair is so sexy. Honestly I would like to fuck her myself, even as a woman. This just goes to show even if you don’t have massive breasts, you can still be alluring just by upping your style game.

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