Paki_NinjaCum emulates his idol Mr. Loadmaster 6

This blonde babe told me it was the first time she had ever been with a man from Pakistan. I was happy to be her first. She loved sucking on my brown penis. Her skin was milky white compared to me, so it looked funny to see her take my dark brown cock inside of her holes. I hope my hero, Mr Loadmaster, sees this video to see how much I have improved my cumshots. I owe it all to his magnificent work.

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  • She is very hot. Thank you so much for the tribute videos.

  • Some guys like women with short hair, but to me this one just looks like a lesbian or a boy. It definitely doesn’t do her any favours. She should grow her hair out, and also get a proper dye job. You can see her brown roots showing through. Why bother colouring your hair if you’re not going to keep it up. She does have a nice body, I’ll give her that. But she should work more on her appearance.

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