Paki_NinjaCum emulates his idol Mr. Loadmaster 14

Today I have a very buxom blonde American woman. She have the massive boobies and like to put her wet mouth around my brown cock. I let her ride me like an American cowgirl. Then fuck her from behind in the style of the doggy. She ended up finishing me off with her soft lips and sucked a massive hot load out of me. She took it all in her mouth then ran to the washroom to spit it in the sink. That will be a mess for the hotel staff to clean up later!

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  • Hey Mr LoudMouth cowboy from Texas, I know you watching this. You watch all my videos. How you like me sticking my cock in your chubby American females? I bet I make you very upset and not feeling well in the stomach.

    • You keep your filthy brown cock out of our American women! We don’t want your kind contaminating our gene pool! Go back to whatever godforsaken country you came from, ya here?

      • Haha, tough cowboy so angy I bet he has urine coming out his ears.

        • Uhhh, I think we need to resume our english classes. Urine doesn’t come out of people’s ears when they get angry. I think you meant to say steam. You need to polish up on your phrases.

  • What a beautiful, busty, thick woman. It’s nice to see some chubbier girls getting some love on here. Nothing is better than feeling some nice soft tits bouncing on your body as a chubby woman services your cock. She really works that brown man’s cock. Even lickiing his balls. You can tell she really enjoyed what she was doing. Most fatter girls do.

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