Paki_NinjaCum emulates his idol Mr. Loadmaster 13

Me again guys. Still working on increasing my load to match my hero, Mr Loadmaster. Here I am with a beautiful blonde woman. We don't see women like this with beautiful white skin in Pakistan. They are all brown here, just like my brown cock. So it is really fun for me to get to put my manhood inside blonde American girls. I made her jerk me off onto her boobs so I could compare how much bigger my loads are getting.

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  • Moneyneversleeps, can’t you stay away from me, and quit slandering me and calling me a liar! How would you know what my diet is? You would say the sky is pink if I call it blue. You are obsessed and need to leave me alone!

    • I always speak the truth. If you think I am speaking falsehoods, then start litigation. My legal team will deal with you and vindicate me.

  • These PAkinTutankhamun mummy videos are very boring. I’ve lost 6 and 8 minutes watching this crap. Can’t you make these more exciting? If not, maybe go back to your own country and quit boring us to death.

    • You have a bar at the bottom to advance the video if you don’t like it. And second, you should respect Paki_ninja because his videos are a bit boring and don’t reach the quality of mine or those of my fans, but he hasn’t done anything to make you disrespect him.

      • Thank you Cryptobillionaire, I would like to invite you to my prestigious restaurant Elite Pusssy Kebab II. The rude cowboy is not welcome.

        • Thank you for the invitation, my dear Pakistani friend, but I am vegan and they always bring my food home because I am busy trading cryptocurrencies.

          • Who are you trying to fool, no one here believes that you are vegan.

  • Mr Paki Ninja you keep talking about increasing your load size, but you rarely show us the loads. I know you get to see them when you are there, but if you don’t show us how big they are on camera, we can’t offer any criticism or tips. And we also can’t see your progress on whether your loads are actually increasing. Just a tip for future videos. Show us your cumshots!

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