Nostradamus2 fucks girls to have visions DCLXVIII

If it looks like I have a small cock that she is struggling to put a condom on because of how tiny my penis is, well that's the truth. But I don't care about how small my wang is. As long as I have hot babes like this massaging me and sucking my cock I don't really care. And these women don't care. They just want my money. But I'll also give them my hot cum too. Her tiny pussy felt great, even on the meager girth of my below-average wang.

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  • She should really consider a boob job. I don’t have anything against small boobs, just boobs that sag like an old sock. She would look much better if her tits were more perky. Look, I know saggy boob syndrome sometimes happens when a lady becomes a mother, but if you want to make money off your body you need to take care of your appearance a little better.

    • I a making a prediction: This woman’s tits will continue to sag and will only get worse with every year that passes! Nostradamus has spoken!

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