Nostradamus2 fucks girls to have visions DCLXVI

This Asian babe had very big titties for someone of her race. Her mouth felt great when she took my tiny cock into her mouth and began to suck me, getting me hard. I'm glad she didn't make me put a condom on, like most of the other escorts I have been with. I wanted to eat her pussy so we 69'd for a bit so we could taste each other's genitals at the same time. She tasted amazing. I pounded her sweet pussy then pulled out so I could cum in her mouth.

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  • My next prediction…. All Asians will have big boobs in the next 10 years. A side effect of the Fukushima contamination. It will become the norm for Asians to have Double D’s and above, while maintaining their otherwise slender bodies. People that invest in Chinese bra companies will become mega rich! I don’t normally like to give investment advice, but this is a guaranteed return! Veni, vidi, vici…

    • Well now this is something I can get behind! The more Asians with big tits, the better!

      • His predictions are about as likely to happen as his tiny cock is to please a woman.

        • Your username says it all. Just because you don’t like my predictions, doesn’t mean they aren’t going to happen! You watch in a decade. The Asian women left on earth with tits smaller than double D’s will be smaller than my cock! How about that for a comparison! I also predict you will leave another rude comment. C’est la vie!

          • Well you were right about one thing, you are a complete buffoon so I guess you can consider this my rude comment.

  • I love to see the busty Asian women out there! Most of them tend to be really skinny, but when you find one with big tits, it’s kind of like finding a unicorn. Nice to see she also lets him fuck her bareback. She could really make a ton of money with that combination. Hopefully she’s not short-changing herself. Busty Asians is a big fetish for a lot of guys.

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