Nostradamus2 fucks girls to have visions DCLXIX

The vision I had after fucking this woman bareback was truly amazing. I seen a future where bitcoin and crypto becomes a fantastic hybrid currency. Crypto will be able to be planted in the ground as seeds, and people will be able to grow and nourish a crypto plant that will yield bitcoin as its fruit. It will truly be an amazing time. Farms will burn their corn fields and plant bitcoin plants instead.

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  • No offense buddy, but you sound like a buffoon. The whole point of BTC is that it is a digital currency. This makes no sense and you sound like a loon.

    • Just because you don’t understand it yet, it doesn’t mean he is stupid. Educate yourself or get left behind.

  • People need to wake up and realize the future of bitcoin mining is going to transfer to farming. Actual physical plants that produce BTC as their fruit. I seen it after fucking this woman. You need to prepare for it now! Buy land! Whoever has the most farmland will be the richest!

    • How on earth would that work? Is it the plant itself that is somehow converted to BTC? I don’t understand at all.

      • My vision is a little blurry when it comes to details, but I see the BTC plants being harvested just like corn, and the fruit is what contains the BTC. They are dumped into a massive processing machine that is connected to computers. That processing machine is what converts the fruit to BTC.

  • I like seeing these older gals still dong their best to earn a buck out there. You can tell she’s been around the block, but she still looks good and tries to doll herself up so she looks the best she can look for her clients. She did a great job fucking and sucking him and the fact she let him enter her bareback is a nice bonus for him. Not a lot of women will do that for their customers. It’s something that comes with experience. Most of the experienced women know 99% of men want to fuck them bareback.

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