Nostradamus2 fucks girls to have visions DCCLXX

I am famous for my predictions, but most people don't know I am unable to receive my visions unless I am having sex with beautiful women. For some reason the sexual intercourse causes the visions to materialize. That is the reason why I try to have sex with a hot women at least every couple days, even if I have to hire escorts. I need my cock to be sucked and fucked in order to predict the future.

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    I recommend adding some background music to your bits. LMFAO. Short dick men music

  • I wish people would realize my mind and powers are the key to their wildest dreams. I can literally tell everyone their future. How to make massive amounts of money. All I ask is that I am provided with beautiful women to fuck. It seems like a nice trade off to me, but lots of women don’t seem to want to let me enter their vaginas for a reading of their future.

    • LOL you sound like a creep, esse. You just lie to chickas to try to get them to spread their legs for you. I ain’t no fool, comprende?

      • I think an exchange of genital secretions would be a fair trade off for information that could make you a multi trillionaire. I can even see the lotto number, or which stock is going to go up by 1000%. All I need is some pussy.

  • Latin women are so beautiful. This one is really petite and sexy, but for some reason she doesn’t have a very big ass. Most latina girls are known for their ample booties, but this one honestly looks like she could stand to eat a few more tacos. Don’t get me wrong, her stunning face and the rest of her body make up for it, but I guess I just prefer a thick latin booty instead of a petite one. I’m sure this guy wasn’t complaining when he had his cock buried inside of her. lol.

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