New Session Hot girls in La Mamada island 7

Here's another video of me fucking this Latina beauty while I was on vacation at La Mamada island. It felt so good when she climbed on top of me and started riding my hard cock. She looked so sexy in that slutty fishnet outfit. It was really sexy though and got me super turned on. I was fucking her bareback at the end and she was rubbing her clit making herself cum. It felt great when I finally blew my load inside of her.

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  • For anyone that reads LostAviator’s story and wants to arrange a trip to Blowjob Island, you need to go through me. I am the exclusive owner of all travel rights to BJ Island. Off the bat, crypto billionaire is banned. As are BambiBlowjobNY and MuscleCock. My list of banned people will be updated on a regular basis. So if you want to visit heaven on earth, you better stay on the good side of me.

  • If you think the women on La Mamada island are hot, you need to look into Blowjob Island. I’m a professional airplane pilot that does flights for the wealthy who like to explore remote areas for fishing and relaxation. One time I was working and got into some really bad weather. A complete blackout. I knew I wasn’t going to make it back to the mainland so I had to do an emergency landing on the closest island to me. It wasn’t even marked on my map. I had no idea where it came from. But I was able to safely land and take shelter to ride out the storm. It turns out there was a previously unknown tribe of people on the island. They didn’t speak english at all and had no modern amenities. But their way of greeting everyone was to give them a blowjob. It was incredible. I was trapped there for a week before I was able to get help, and in that time, I probably got 300 blowjobs. Every single female on the island wanted to suck my cock. It was part of their tradition. For a while I thought I died and had found heaven on earth.

    • Wow, this sounds almost too good to be true? Are you able to find your way back to this Island? I would love to visit.

      • I have already paid him for exclusive rights to the location of this island. Plus you are broke after your crypto crash. Hence, you will never be able to afford to visit there. I have been there and can say what he is saying is true. It is truly heaven on earth.

        • Why are you always ruining everything for everyone on here? Why would you keep such a magical place to yourself? This deserves to be shared with the world. Stop being evil!

        • What moneyneversleeps is true. He was the first person I took to the Island after I made it home. And he loved it so much he has paid me for exclusive access to the island. That is not to say no one else can go there. You just need to pay moneyneversleeps for the privilege. I am sorry, I feel everyone should have access to the island, but I could not resist the money he offered me.

  • Another skinny chicka. I’m not sure what guys find attractive about these skinny little girls. I guess since I am Mexican I am just proud of my big booty and my big tits. This one has a bony ass that looks like it would be uncomfortable to have slamming up against you. The fat cushion is there for a reason. I prefer soft and smooth compared to this bony mess. Eat some more burritos my girl!

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