New Session Hot girls in La Mamada island 6

Another latina beauty with perky little tits. She was so cute looking and I loved it when she took me inside of her mouth. She lied on her side and lifted her leg up so I could enter her from behind. It felt so great inside of her. She didn't make me wear a condom, so I felt that nice skin-on-skin action. You can see my cum leaking out of her after I gave her a messy creampie.

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  • Damn that’s a nice set of titties. I would like to put my cock inside of her.

  • She is very beautiful, but all the women on BJ Island are at least as pretty as she is. When I first got out of my plane, a bunch of women started running towards me. I didn’t know what was going on. They couldn’t speak english, only grunt, but they were motioning for me to take my pants down. One by one, they came up and took my penis into their mouths. They took turns, careful not to make me cum right away, so they could all have a taste of my hard cock in their mouths. I was amazed. Little did I know there were hundreds more women back at their village waiting to do the same thing.

    • This sounds like complete BS bro? An island no one else has mapped? Women that will suck off complete strangers? Are you sure you didn’t suffer a head injury when your plane crashed on that island?

      • I know how it sounds. I can assure you it is completely real. And you can go there yourself. You just need to arrange payment to moneyneversleeps. We made a deal that was very fortuitous to me. He owns BJ Island now.

        • Moneyneversleeps? I will never send him money. That guy is a nutcase. Keeps rambling on about these sex robots he is making. No thanks.

  • Now this is one beautiful Mexican cholo! Look at her soft body and nice big tits. She looks so much better than the last two this guy was fucking. You can tell he seems to be having more fun in this video as well. Probably because the soft body of this beautiful girl is so much more inviting and relaxing. Her face is also model-like. She has perfect facial features. She does look like she’s not enjoying herself as much towards the end, but who knows, maybe this is like the 10th guy she’s fucked that day.

    • She is a real beauty. Her face has that natural glow to it like you see on some celebrities and models. Truly a beautiful woman.

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