New Session Hot girls in La Mamada island 5

I had a buddy filming me for this night of hot sexy on La Mamada island. I sat in a chair and he filmed from the bed while the sexy escort rode my hard cock in her tiny fishnet stockings. Eventually we moved to the bed and I got to fuck her from behind while I held her tiny legs up in the air. Her pussy was so creamy and wet. It felt great to finally shoot my hot load deep inside of her pussy.

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  • She looks very bored while this guy is fucking her. You need to pay your women better. The women I fuck are always happy and excited because they know they will be getting a big tip from me.

  • I love it when he picks her up and is fucking her while she’s in the air. That is so hot!

  • Props to this girl for allowing another person in the room to film. Most ladies I know don’t want to do groups. Even if one is just there watching or filming, it can be intimidated and possibly dangerous if things get out of hand. She seems to have handled it nicely though, and I am sure she was paid well for her time. Looks like she was having fun riding his cock. Maybe having someone else watching turned her on too.

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