New Session Hot girls in La Mamada island 18

Another day in Mamada Island, and another hot woman taking my cock deep inside of her. I like to make them get me hard with their mouth first. Then I move on to their wet pussies. Usually they are nice and wet by that time becaust they get turned on from sucking my hard cock. This one liked licking my balls while I jackec off which was very hot. She also stuck her tongue in my asshole, which felt amazing.

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  • One time on La Mamada Island an old Japanse war plane came flying over the island. This guy had somehow been flying around since WW2 and got lost. I’m not sure how he was able to keep refueling. But he had no idea the war had ended decades ago. He seen us partying on the island and started firing shots at us. I had to hop in my plane and dog fight him. It was pretty crazy and I had about 8 latina women in my plane firing rifles at this crazy old guy. He finally crashed into the ocean never to be seen again.

    • Your own explanation basically disproved your story. There is no way he could be flying around that long, landing places to refuel, and not know the war was over. This makes no sense.

  • This girl is really slender, but almost to the point it looks like she could stand to gain a few pounds. I guess it is the non-existent breasts that are turning me off. If I were her I would seriously consider some breast implants, even if they are just smaller ones. She looks like she is an A cup at best. I realize there might be a small percentage of men that like small breasts, but I would say they are definitely in the minority. She would definitely make more money if she had a nice set of tits on her.

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