New Session Hot girls in La Mamada island 17

Another day, another hot latina sucking and fucking my hard cock. La Mamada Island is basically heaven on earth for any man that wants to get his cock serviced on a daily basis, multiple times even. And all of the women are just as hot as this one. Easily 7+ out of 10s and above. If you are looking to practice some sex tourism then you owe it to yourself to visit this place.

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  • Occasionally on the island I am required to use my plane to help out with things. For instance, one year we had some forest fires, and they wanted me to fly out to the ocean, scoop up some water in my cargo hold, then dump it on the fire. I did, but little did I know I had about 12 women in my cargo hold that had been having an orgy all night with a group of visitors to the island. So I scoop up this water and all these naked women are still in the cargo hold. I ended up dumping it all on the fires and all these naked bodies come pouring out of my plane right into the fires. Luckily the water put the flames out so no one was seriouslly injured other than some bruises. I got lucky that day.

  • Latin women always have the nicest asses and the nicest hair. Just look at her long locks. Her body is close to perfection, and it really pisses me off because I guarantee she doesn’t have to work out very much, if at all, to keep her figure like that. Once she gets over 40 then that’s when she might start having weight issues, but these younger latin women can basically eat whatever they want and stay looking perfect. I’m so jealous.

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