New Session Hot girls in La Mamada island 16

Another petite latina wrapping her wet lips around my hard cock. This was was what you could call a real spinner. I loved her trashy tattoos and her milky white skin. It was such a nice contrast to her dark, raven hair. I love bending women like her over and just plowing away until I cum inside of them.

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  • One time we decided we were going to see how many people we could cram in my plane and have sex at the same time. We ended up with 50 people in there. This is a small plane mind you. They basically only had room enough to move their hips back and forth a bit once they shoved their cocks in the women. It was pretty crazy. The whole plane smelled like jizz and women were squirting all over the floor of my plane. I still haven’t got all the cum out.

    • What kind of plane is it? This sounds like more BS to me.

      • Plenty of planes have the capacity for 50 people. He said he has a cargo plane. It would have been a little overloaded but it is completely doable.

  • Again, those tattoos look hideous and I’m not sure how anyone could think something like that is attractive. She looks like she has chicken scratches on her back. What even is that? I can’t tell what it is supposed to be. You’d think that someone getting something permanent on their body would put a little more care and thought into it. Maybe it has some hidden meaning to her, but to me it just makes her look like a trashy ho. I bet she can’t charge VIP prices because of it.

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